Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Favorite Valentine's Day Memory

Todd and I were not even married yet when this happened. I was in a salon doing what all women do in salons and Todd decided to surprise me. I have to admit, that when I saw him, I wasn't very happy, because we all know what we look like during this time. But it was sweet. Anyway, he'd decided to surprise me while I was there, and I saw him pull up. He got out and seemed to be struggling with something. Boyd (my hairstylist) and I just stopped and time froze. The whole place went silent as we all watched my beloved struggling to get out of his little Toyota Camry.

He finally makes it out of the car, with all of his goodies. Well, almost. In his arms were a card, some roses, and a HUGE balloon that said "I Love You". About the time he goes to shut the door, a strong gust of wind comes out of nowhere and snatches the balloon right out of his hand. Inside the salon, in the midst of the quiet, we all gasp. And as Todd stands there, gaping up at the sky, all the silence vanished as the entire place erupted in laughter. Poor Todd finally gets over the shock of what happened, and walks in, shaking his head and probably mumbling the whole way, if I know my man, and I do. He walks in the door, and hears all this laughter, and just looks at me with this sheepish little grin on his face and went to explain what had happened. I think he may have still had the string in his hand. Boyd laughed so hard, I think he wet himself. It's a wonder Todd was so good~natured about the whole incident, but he was.

The last time I saw Boyd, which was about 5 years ago, he STILL has to run to the bathroom when telling this story. It became the favored "Beauty Shop Story" that any and all heard as they spent their time in those chairs. Oh, and about that runaway balloon; Todd replaced it. I think they even gave him a free one. Thank you, Todd, for this great memory, and all the others that have followed.

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