Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Surprise

It is a glorious day today. It's cold as of right now, but it's going to warm up. I woke up @ 8:30 to the tune of Jonah screaming, "YES!!! MOM I BEAT LEVEL 8!!!" That kid has 2 volumes: loud and louder. I came downstairs and found donuts from a place that we do NOT have in Collierville. Which didn't make sense, because the only ones here were me and the boys. Todd left @ 7 to go to a men's breakfast at church.

All of a sudden, I heard a car alarm go off, and Andy the wonderdog went nuts. I looked out of the window, and low and behold, my sister Trish was here. :) I love her. Well, I saw her car but not her. She came through the back door a minute later. She came over @ 7 this morning! Todd had opened the garage and had his car warming up and came back inside. When he was on his way out, he heard footsteps on the steps and just about had a heart attack. And in walked Trish.

So, my day has been blessed by my amazing sister. She brought yummy donuts, too, so she's their hero on this cold Saturday morning. They LOVE Daylight Donuts!!! Thank you, Trish, if you're reading this. And I loved drinking coffee and chatting with you!!!

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