Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Half Over!

It's not that I don't enjoy my week. I just enjoy family time more. And weekends are unsolicited family time for us, and I love every second of them!!! I will be less 2 Friday night, though, because Jonah and Noah are spending the night with Mimi and Papa. However, I told Graham and Drew they could each have a friend spend the night, so I really won't be less 2.

Our wonderful neighbors and us are having dinner Friday night, at least I think we are, and I'm excited about that. We'll eat, then send the kids back home while we stay and visit. We'll be right next door, so they'll be fine, and they're all excited because they get to be here without adults! We love Travis and Katie. I've said it before, I know, and I'm sure I'll say it again. They're the greatest neighbors/friends EVER!! Actually, them and the Sayles' across the street. I never dreamed we'd be such great friends with the people that live around us. It's just amazing.

So, my week has been great...I got to see an old friend on Monday, and my kids got to meet him as well. He's a great guy...just the same in the ways of personality, which was always great...he was always so much fun to be around, and still is. It was pretty cool getting to see him again. My sister is back home, yay! I missed her so much while she was gone. Even though I only saw her on Monday, I'm hoping I'll get to see her tomorrow after my kids get out of school. Daddy is coming over then, and I'm hoping I can twist her arm and get her to come with him.

Well, I have to run....gotta go make beds and get me and everyone else dressed for our day...only 2 more, then it's the weekend baby!! Love to all!

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