Thursday, December 25, 2008

What I Wish For

I think I've gotten better, over the years, at slowing down and making the most out of our family moments. I think one thing that is bad, is how I spend my spare time. I'm always so quick to jump up and re~organize everything, and clean the messes up, that I don't stop and take time to be with my Jesus.

I love Him so much, more than I could ever explain in this blog, and I am so humbled by all of His goodness. There are a couple of Christmas songs that get to me, one of which is a new one by Mandisa called, Christmas Makes Me Cry. I heard it on the radio yesterday, and just sat and cried. One of the things the song says is that she thinks of the humble birth our Saviour experienced, and the hope that He gives us. Here are the lyrics below:

Okay, so I couldn't find the lyrics, but instead embedded the song. It's gorgeous. A few weeks ago in choir practice, Music Man challenged us to pray that God would give us the heart of Jesus. He said that if we took on what He so wanted (the salvation of loved ones) that it would endear them to us more. That if we were passionate about the love of Jesus, that maybe, just maybe, someone would see His love in us and would wonder what it was about us that was so different. I admit, I have not done that. If I had done that, I would be on my knees more everyday. Or at all.

When we're first saved, that fire and passion that is in us is the most wonderful, exciting thing. As time goes on, I feel like my fire is burning out. I get in these ruts, these spiritual ditches, and can barely find the strength to climb back out. I tend to take on the world and all that goes with it, but when I do that, I let other things go. Like my relationship status with the King of Kings. Unfortunately, that seems to be the one thing that slips...the one thing that gets the least amount of my time. I hate that, and I sure don't mean to do it.

But as I write this, I think of that precious baby that was born on this night two thousand years ago. He was just an ordinary baby, or so it seemed. But that baby was sent to us as a gift, the ultimate gift~undeserving though we may be. Like me~how many times do I mess up in my personal time with the Lord? I'm not saying I'm not a Christian, I am...I just don't give Him my time. It makes me cry....just like the song states! God is the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings! And as much as He loves us, He doesn't make us love Him and spend our time with Him. He wants us to want to spend time with Him...on our own, He wants us to be totally, wholly in love with Him. The least I can give Him is myself~my heart, my time, my reading of His word.

He came as that little baby, in the most humble of all births to save us. When I think about it, the humble birth fits Him perfectly. He doesn't force Himself upon us, He just kind of stays to the side we put Him on. Only when we put Him at our center, does He get all the limelight! And in a good way, I mean, not in a fake, superficial way.

As I end this, my prayer is that I take on the heart of Jesus as I think about all the loved ones around me that don't know the same Saviour that I know. They're more wrapped up in the things of life...but my prayer is that they will see Jesus in me. I pray that God uses me in a way to bring glory to His name. The Name above all names.

I pray that as long as I have the priveledge of mothering my four beautiful boys, that I always take the time to stop and enjoy them. I had so much fun with them would have been even more perfect if Todd hadn't been home sick. Yup, home sick all day by himself. Poor baby! I cried, having to leave him this morning. It just didn't seem right at all, and I would have stayed home with him, but he insisted that the kids go ahead with the plans. He didn't want Christmas ruined for them. =( Isn't that sweet? And SAD?

We had such a blessed day...I love every part of Christmas, and am so sad that it's over now. I love the magical aspect of this season...all of it. But the most magical and amazing thing of all lasts every single day of the year....if only we each open up a part of our heart, and invite Him in to come and reside. Here's a really cool Scripture I found tonight in my brand new Bible!!!

Psalm 26:6~8 I wash my hands to declare my innocence. I come to your altar, O LORD, 7 singing a song of thanksgiving and telling of all your wonders. 8 I love your sanctuary, LORD, the place where your glorious presence dwells.

Love to all and once more this year, Merry CHRISTmas. May He be at the center of all that you do, of all that we do. And may you find His amazing grace, peace, and love this year and every year that follows. God bless you, in the precious, most Holy Name of Jesus.

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