Saturday, December 6, 2008

What I Love About Christmas

I love lots of things about Christmas, and thought I'd share why I think this is such a special time of year. Happy reading!

I love how the story of Jesus' birth comes alive during this time...I love what the lights represent (how He gives light to a lost and dying world), and I love driving around and looking at them with my family!

I love getting all bundled up every year and going to zoo lights with Pappaw and Grandma Sandy and Aunt Tricia! And taking a carriage ride through the zoo all snuggled up!!!

I love freezing our tails off at the annual Christmas parade!!! And getting into the music with family and friends!

I love all the decorations I have...each one is treasured and means something very special to me. A lot of them were given to me by two year olds when I taught them, and most of the ornaments on my tree are handmade by my sweet boys!!

I love baking...even though I don't do a lot of it, but I love making goodies with my kids. Their favorite is chex mix and my new recipe for sausage ball biscuits! YUMM!!

I love all the birthdays....Big Daddy's, Beau's, JESUS', then Todd's. In that order.

I love drinking special drinks from Starbucks one time a year...this is that time! However, this year, Kroger sells all the flavored creams that make those drinks so yummy, so I've been making the same drinks at home and sharing them with the kids!

I love having TWO UNINTERRUPTED WEEKS OFF FROM SCHOOL! I love sleeping late, snuggling deeper into my bed, staying up late, lounging around while the kids play, you name it, I love everything about Christmas break!

I love going to church this time of year! I love all the music we sing, seeing the beautiful trees in the lobby, and I love being with our church family...they are just that...FAMILY.

I love our Christmas get~togethers! I love being with our family and doing special things with them, I love being with our friends, and I love our new New Year's Eve tradition....

I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES AND BOOKS!!! We love having movie night at our house, and what is better than a great Christmas movie?!?!?!??!?!

I love Christmas eve! It's magical, and I dearly love it.

Well, I'll write more about this later...I'm going to finish cleaning so I can do a little shopping today. Hopefully, anyway. I may never leave my house. Todd built a fire, and it feels delicious in here but cold outside!

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