Monday, December 29, 2008

An UpDaTe

Okay, well my day got a whole lot better...I wanted to just add that so that nobody would think I'm this horrible monster of a mom. I'm really not, I was just having a really bad morning. And mid morning, like when Dad and I had lunch at CiCi's pizza. I'm human, I've been trying to tell everyone that all along. Yes, there are days when my precious sons drive the sane right out of me.

I felt the need to write, I'm watching Milo & Otis at the same time, but to just tell you how different Jonah and Noah are, you had to hear this. First of all, Todd, Graham and Drew went to the Tiger's game tonight (Thank you Lisa & Jim!!!), but Jonah and Noah didn't want to go, so we were going to see Madagascar 2 at the movies. Well, it's not playing anymore. Bummer. So we decided to have our own private movie night in the comfort of our jammies!

They picked Milo & Otis, and opted to have popcorn and cookies while we watched. Noah was all excited...him and Drew are my movie buffs, and Jonah was too, at first. But right now, he is passed out on the couch. Yup, you heard me right. Every time, and I do mean EVERY TIME we've ever gone to see a movie, no matter how much money we dished out for the ticket, he's fallen asleep. Seriously. For almost eight bucks, he could sleep for free at home. Which is exactly what he's choosing to do right this very moment. He's out like a light, all comfy and cozy in his sweet little jammies, on the couch, covered up by his brand new fuzzy blanket just like mine, all tuckered out like a precious little angel. Not at all like the mini~monster he acted like today every time he failed to get his way.

It should be outlawed to be that stinking cute. I mean, he can turn it on, then right off, you know what I'm saying? I know if you've ever been around him for more than 5 and a half minutes, you have witnessed that yourself. But right this very moment, he looks like this precious little angel. And he really is, for the most part. I just but heads with him something awful because he's just like me. =) I know Mom, paybacks are awful. Well, keep on laughing, I can hear you all the way from Moscow.

Well, I'm going to stalk people on facebook. I've only seen this movie a hundred and twenty times. The cat and dog are cute, but come on, enough is enough. I am totally letting them have their own special night, since they never do. Graham and Drew's picks usually win and the little guys just have to deal with it. Okay, that's enough. Bon noir. (That means good night, Todd. =)

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