Sunday, December 21, 2008


My favorite day of the week!!! Church was so good this morning...particularly worship. Our worship leader, Bob Geabhart, just has this amazing ability to be able to lead us into worship. And I do believe that is a God~given ability. The music and worship was just so reverent this morning. It was one of those times when I couldn't really sing because I couldn't stop crying. I always think that when that happens, it's just anointed. God truly met us there this morning, and it was just amazing.

We met our new nephew today! After church we all went over to Wiley and Phyllis' house and met up there with Tim, Tracy, Nathan and Joseph! He is such a doll...chubby cheeks, great personality, big ole brown puppy dog eyes, the works! He would get his way all the time at my house. Ha, I am kidding, I promise, but when they would tell him not to do something, he would start crying these big crocodile tears and it was as if he'd just had his little heart broken. It's so pitiful! Tracy assured me it does get old, eventually, but I find myself wondering! What a sweetie!

Graham and Drew couldn't keep their grubby little hands off him! They kept on asking him for a hug, and usually he would oblige. We carrolled at Grandma Rena's retirement home...well, not really, but we did sing a couple songs. The boys have been dying to go Christmas carrolling! We went back over to their house afterward and ate dinner there, too. Might as well, rather than having to come home and cook!

I'm excited about tomorrow! The boys and I are meeting Dad at his office, then going to lunch with him. After that, I'm taking the boys to Phyllis' house so Todd and I can finish our shopping. I know. Three days before and we're not done. BUT we are going to finish tomorrow night, and hopefully we'll get in a date night as well! I'd love to see a movie, but don't know if that's going to happen or not! I don't know what I would see, but the thought is kind of nice!!! On the other hand, we may just come back home, snuggle up and watch our Netflix movie that we've been needing to watch. =) Remember what it is, honey??? I'm sure you're thrilled! For everyone else, it's a Tyler Perry movie. Tyler Perry as in MADEA and the Po~po!!! I love him/her!!!

Well, I'm going to finish reading Graham's Christmas book that I borrowed. Love to all!!! Goodnight!!!

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