Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cards & Such

I love getting Christmas cards! As much as I'd love to get them, you'd think I'd send them. Nope. Never have, and not sure that I ever will. I think the idea is great, but it's just not that high up on my list of things to do. I especially love the ones that have pictures either as the front or inside of them. The boys love getting them, too.

We got one today from Tim and Jenny Land, our old children's pastors. They're now residing in Tucson, Arizona, and we miss them as much now as we did the day after they left. They're truly the kinds of friends who you can go a few years without seeing and still feel just as close as you did when they lived here. They were the most incredible people as children's pastors....I don't know that we'll ever find any that loved the kids as much as they did. They didn't have a lot of freedom while they were here, and while they were reigned in, they were limited as to how much they were able to do. Now that they are in Tucson, they're able to do all these amazing things with the kids there...it's just incredible to sit back and hear about it.

We had YUMMY Mexican food for dinner tonight...thank you, Big Daddy! It was so good...there is no such thing as too much Mexican food! I had it for lunch yesterday, too, but that's okay. I love me some Mexican!! I went and finished the shopping when I left...Todd took Mom and the boys back to our house, where Mom had left her car. I went to Target...big mistake. That place has been totally ransacked today! There was so much junk all over the shelves, the floor, the aisle, it was almost impossible to get through. Of course while I was there, the sky fell, and I had to kill time to be able to make it back to the car without being soaked by the rain.

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!! I'm so ready....it's always almost unbearable these last few days before. The boys are always wild and crazy just thinking of the events to come. We're doing Christmas with my dad tomorrow night, then on Christmas morning we're going to Mimi's and Papa's, then to my Mom's and Bill's. It's kind of crazy, and it makes for a really long day, but it's always fun. I just don't like splitting Christmas day, I always feel like someone's being shorted on the time thing with us, but it can't be helped. Such is life.

Well, I'm done for now...love to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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