Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vera Mae Myles

This is my sweet grandmother, Vera Mae Myles. She will be 97 years of age in seven weeks. Isn't she precious? Unfortunately, she no longer looks like this. She is going downhill fast, and hospice thinks it'll be three or four days before she passes away. The top picture is her and my mom celebrating her 95th birthday. My mom is beautiful, isn't she?

My mom was at work today and my grandmother's hospice nurse called her at work telling her that Mammaw was dying. Her kidneys are starting to fail her and her vital signs are going down. We've known this was going to happen, but nothing ever prepares you for the death of a loved one. My mom is being very strong about this, but she has a long road ahead of her. Please pray for my family during this time. Especially with it being right here around the holidays, it's going to be extra hard when she does pass away.

My sister Debi is here from Tampa with her husband Mike, and their children Austin and Nicole. So Debi went with my mom to the nursing home when my mom got the phone call this afternoon. I got off work, brought the boys home to Todd and joined them. Soon after me, my other sisters Lisa and Tricia came too. I hope that when Mammaw dies, that my sister Debi will still be here. I think it was comforting to my mom to be able to have all four of us girls here with her during this time. There is something so comforting being able to be with family during times as these. Todd, the boys and I were able to be there for Phyllis when her dad passed away. Not actually at the hospital, but we'd had dinner with her and Wiley the night that he died. I was so glad that we took that hour and spent it with them...I think it brought her peace. I hope the same for my mom.

My grandmother has lived almost 30 years without my grandfather. I cannot believe she's held on so long, for a while we all thought she was going to outlive all of us! She's a real trooper, though, and has made it through several low points. One of which was here recently...she had a broken foot. None of us thought she'd last, but she did. Tonight when all of us were there, Mom, Debi and I all made it a point to tell her that it was okay if she was ready to go Home. That she could let go of us here on earth, and just go to be with Jesus. At one point during our time there, she tried opening her eyes. She responded with an affirming nod when Debi asked her if she was ready to go see Jesus and Pappaw. She nodded her head yes.

Tonight before we all left, Debi, Lisa, Tricia and I all gathered around her bed and sang Amazing Grace. The precious old lady in the bed next to my grandmother started singing with us. I think we were all crying at that point. We all gave Mammaw a kiss and told her we loved her. We don't know if we'll see her alive again, she may or may not make it through tonight. Please pray for my family...for strength for my mom and her brothers John, Wayne and Tom. My uncle John was there with her when we left, I think he wanted some time alone with her to say his goodbyes. My mom has been her primary caretaker for the past thirteen years and this is going to be so hard on her. It's never a good time to say goodbye, and even though we all thought we were ready, it's still hard. Thank you for your prayers.

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Katie said...

Jen, I will be praying. Having lost both my grandmas over the years, I know what you are going through. Love you bunches girl. If you need anything please let me know.

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