Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Strange Something

This is the strange little something I'm talking on, and you'll understand.

Okay, so I was sitting in the office at the school today, and at 3:00, in walks Jonah, Ashleigh and Abby, all of whom are classmates of his. I saw right off that he was about to cry, so I asked what was wrong, and he said his ear was hurting. I almost told him to that he was okay, and to go on back, but you know that little nagging feeling you sometimes experience? I had that little feeling.

So I started questioning him more, and he said it hurt like there was something down in there. I asked him how he would know what that felt like, and his response was, "Well, somebody might have put something down in there." I think my mouth may have dropped open. I asked what he meant, and he would not tell me. I don't know why, but he finally told me that HE did not put something in there, but SOMEONE ELSE did. He did not want to tell me who...but he finally confessed. It's a little girl in his class who is Mexican and doesn't speak English very well.

I admit, my first response as a mom was to get mad. And I got upset...we were having to make a trip to the doctor and pay for something this little girl did to my son. And Jonah was terrified of going to the doctor. Although he was very brave, and did not cry one tear. Which, just let me stop here for a minute. Dr. Fesmire came in and looked in his ear, and sure enough, there was paper in there. He went away for a few minutes and came back with this bottle. He had Jonah lay down, and he had me hold a cup up to his ear, while he squirted water into his ear to flush the strange object out. Turns out it was a teeny tiny piece of folded up foil~like paper. See the above picture. I know, I know why save something like that???

Anyway, back to tonight. I called Jonah's teacher, Mrs. Miles, and let me just tell you, this woman is pretty close to a saint. I told her what happened, and she was so embarrassed. This happened during i-Station (no time to explain) and right after the little girl put it in his ear, Jonah was sticking a pencil in his ear. She told him to stop, that he could hurt himself, but I think he must have been trying to get it out. She told me in the morning she would talk to the principal and a translator (yup, I said TRANSLATOR) and take action from there.

She told me that something like this has happened before with the same little girl, but communication is the barrier. Add to the fact that this little girl is BOLD and not intimidated by ANYONE or ANYTHING, and you have a disaster waiting to happen in a kindergarten classroom. So you know what his teacher's response to all this was? "Jennifer, I am so sorry this happened. But please pray for this little girl and her family. They just need prayer. " So that being said, who can stay upset? Yes, it was my child, but I can do that...pray for this little girl. None of us are perfect, and how many times have we wanted to stick something in someone's ear (or mouth?)? It's kind of humbling, to tell you the truth. Although the little girl does need to be disciplined, and know that she canNOT do this type of thing again, I feel confident that it will all be handled.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Believe it or not, I'm having an issue right now that I'm getting advice on with Graham and how a teacher handled him. And no, I am "THAT MOM"...but this teacher did something I feel was inappropriate.

Well, enough about all this....if you remember, pray for Jonah's teacher, Andi. Her parents are old and frail and in poor health. AND they live in Atlanta. Her suitcase stays packed 24/7. I've seen what my mom goes through with my grandmother, but thank the LORD my mom is in the same city (almost) as her. I can't imagine being 8 hours away and working full time and having to take care of 2 older parents. I don't know if someone else helps her or what, but she spends most weekends in Atlanta I think. Add to that the fact that she has a well, um, handful of a class and I'm pretty sure why she keeps her hair cut so short. She quite possibly yanks it out. Not really, ha ha ha. Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday, and has a great tomorrow too.

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