Friday, November 7, 2008

Our First Sick Day of Kindergarten

My little Joni is sick. =( He looks horrible. His class has had some kids out sick with fifth's disease, which he's been working up to since last Friday, believe it or not. He cried a lot last Friday morning, and I couldn't figure out why. I chalked it up to being a rough day~end of the week, tired and cranky and all that goes with it. But then the next day he started losing his voice. He's not run fever at all, but has been complaining of bad headaches, which is a symptom of this illness.

Anyway, so my friend and co~room mom Sharon called me yesterday morning asking what Jonah's cheeks looked like that morning. All week he'd had one red cheek~and still did yesterday. She ended up taking Ashleigh to the doc. because she had this awful rash all over her. The doc. diagnosed it as fifth's disease. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to go ahead and take both Jonah and Noah to the doc. this morning because they'd both been complaining of headaches and the occasional sore throat. Just to be on the safe side. I also decided to let them both stay home all day. Previous experience tells me that when one twin is sick, the other one just needs to stay home too. Otherwise there are always tears at some point. Now when they get in the older grades, they'll outgrow that, but in kindergarten, it's just not a big deal.

So I have my babies home today! I would be staying home with them except for the fact that they've been so shorthanded all week at school. I cannot make them even more shorthanded. I couldn't live with myself. There's only 2 of us in there when all of kindergarten eats, and let me tell you, those sweet babies~almost everyone in the class, in all 6 classes~needs everything opened. That being said~I called Daddy. He's coming over at 10:30 so I can go work, then I'll come back home and join them. I also canceled the doc. appointment because I know what he has. AND I looked it up on the internet. Drew had this when he was 4, but I'd forgotten what it looks like. I know now! Jonah looks miserable, even though he really feels alright. The thing that stinks about this illness, is that by the time the rash comes, it's no longer contagious. Graham would say that it's no longer communicable.

I am so excited about this weekend~we have a LONG weekend!!! The boys are out of school Monday and Tuesday! Woohoo!!! Drew has a dental appt. on Monday, and they're going to a birthday party on Tuesday, but it's still going to be fun times. I hope it doesn't rain like the forecast is suggesting. If it doesn't rain, the weather is supposed to be really nice~cool! I am so ready for cold weather!!! I can't stand not knowing how to dress myself or the boys. They either get hot or cold, depending on what the crazy air conditioner does at school that day. They can never be just comfortable.

Well, I'm going to go do some laundry and clean a little bit before I have to hit the door. I hope you all have a blessed day.

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