Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happenings At Our House

Okay, so we were at Mom's and Bill's tonight, and Bill told me he doesn't like me working. I haven't been doing that great at keeping up the blog. It's because I'm EXHAUSTED by the time I get home. In a good way, of course, but by the time dinner is over, the kitchen is clean, and the kids are bathed and in bed, I'm usually following them a few minutes later. I have no energy left by then.

So what have we been up to, you wonder? Well, I thought I would share a few things I've discovered this week. Have fun reading.

1. The boys' school had Open House Thursday night, and we learned that it takes us over an hour to make it all the way around to ALL of their classes. It was a blast, and I loved having Jonah and Noah escort us around.

2. Drew performed his first choral performance that same night and I learned that he does this weird thing with his mouth while he sings. Was it nervousness? Or another bad habit?

3. I have the greatest husband on this earth. He froze his tail off today while cutting the grass just ONE MORE TIME. Since his foot was in a cast when most other people did that, he's just now getting around to it. He is THE MAN.

4. Jonah and Noah are growing up. They don't enjoy being held as much as they used to.

5. Graham seems to make noise wherever he is~everything becomes his drum. And he's pretty good, if I do say so myself. The kid's got rhythm.

6. Drew never stops talking. N.E.V.E.R. E.V.E.R. E.V.E.R.

7. Jonah and Noah bought their lunch for the first time at school this week. I forgot to tell Jonah to buy water, and he ran out of milk too soon. The same thing happened for Noah. BUT I did learn they could say carry their tray with food AND drink without having a major spill all over the floor.

8. It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

9. I love chubby kids~I have a couple kids @ CES that I just to squish their sweet little faces...they are precious, and they are NOT American. One is from China, the other from Mexico.

10. The assistant principal at school likes me and doesn't mind if I mess up.

11. The one teacher that got mad at me for messing up is still mad at me.

12. Our cat Skippy is sick and we don't know why she's lost so much weight~I pray that it's nothing serious, though. I'm not ready to have to deal with the death of an animal.

13. L.E.D. lights burn your eyes if you look at them for too long. Yup, I decorated for Christmas today.

14. I still like my steak better when it's already cut for me. Thank you, Bill, and the dinner was fabulous.

15. Most weekends I have six boys, not five. Graham, Drew, Jonah, Noah, Drew C and Todd.

16. I'd better start shopping for Christmas before all the good stuff gets gone.

17. There is nothing sweeter than hearing Jonah sing in the morning. He serenaded Todd and I this morning while he was using the restroom. I know, but at least he was entertaining himself.

18. My daddy is not getting any younger, and I miss spending my Fridays with him. I really do. It makes me want to cry. The good news is that I'll resume at least part of those Fridays in January.

19. I love decorating and taking care of my house~I miss being here more to enjoy that time, so I'm having to cram it all into one day~Saturday, and I'm still having to get used to it.

20. The laundry doesn't get done all by itself. It doesn't get put away all by itself, either.

21. I am really good at juggling~not the kind you're thinking~but of doing lots of things at the same time. The only thing that I'm not good at is remembering. My memory leaves a lot to be desired.

22. I love cold weather!!! I knew that before but I love being reminded each morning!

23. I love food and can really appreciate it. I love the whole process...the shopping, preparing, presenting and eating~I think that's why I love Thanksgiving and Christmas so much. I really love cooking that meal myself, but have only done so one time.

24. Facebook is incredible and a fun way to find old friends~I had one friend find me from THIRD GRADE last week! Mom, do you remember my friend Paula Winfrey that moved to Florida after third grade? She's the one that found me on there last week! We were reminiscing about singing in front of our class dressed up like Madonna. We sang "Dress You Up" by her.

25. Jonah doesn't not think well under pressure. He forgets EVERYTHING.

26. Fourth grade is hard.

27. Graham may actually be smarter than me.

28. I cannot wait for Thanksgiving break!!!! I am looking forward to our annual tree decorating night on Tuesday as our little out of school party, I can't wait to be with family I haven't seen in a long time, I am really excited about my mom's cooking, and cannot wait to watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!!

29. I am thinking about starting a couple of new traditions this year.

30. I am out of things to talk about.

When I get to this point, I have to stop. Plus, my eyes are starting to close. And so are Todd's, apparently. I just looked over at him, and he's out. Poor guy. Well, Bill, it may not be exciting, but these are all things I've discovered this week. I knew most of them, but it's always fun to learn it again, don't you think? It's been a fast week and I am excited about getting our Holidays off to a bang this week. I have a possible zoo date on Wednesday and I can't wait!!!! Love to all!!! Oh, and Bill, let me know about Wednesday. I can't wait!

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