Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I have prayed continually on and off all day for our country. IN GOD WE TRUST is the phrase that keeps popping into my head. In God will I trust, no matter who wins. I must admit, that right now, I have faith that God's going to pull through for us. Maybe I'm naive, but I have this child~like faith that He's not going to let us down. Even though everyone thinks the race is already over. I have peace. But I will still have peace, no matter what.

I will worry about nothing and pray about everything, as His word instructs me. Can I just say that my kids had their mock~election at school yesterday, and 2 schools in Collierville did not vote the way I would have thought. The 'opposing' candidate won, in both cases. I was shocked. Literally. Could NOT believe it. Some people said they expected that turnout. Not me. I know it's not for real, but I was still surprised. I had 'little parents' (kids stating their parents' belief) commenting on the ups and downs of both candidates all around me for the past week. I will be glad when all this is over and done with. The kids will hopefully quit asking me my political opinions. One of these times I may get ugly. Ha ha, not really.

Okay, well the next time I post, we will know who our next president will be!!! Keep praying!!!

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