Sunday, November 30, 2008


It officially looks like Christmas at our house. Some of the decor has been up for a week, but today we put up our tree and finished decorating. We would have done the outside as well, but it was raining. We'll do that part tomorrow. Our tree is so pretty~they are my most favorite of all decorations, and I love any and all trees! Each one is individual for each family and I love them all! Our lights are great...they're colored and really big and bold. I love them.

Our next fun thing that we did today was our trip to Costco. We broke down and bought a new t.v. It's HUGE. Fourty two inches, LCD, HD, it is truly a beautiful sight. Especially since the screen doesn't go black like our old one was doing. I love it. Right now we're watching the Fairly Oddparents, but we're about to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Whatever the name it At World's End? I think so.

Well, the hubby just got back home...him and our neighbors Brian and Travis had to return a trailor to Brian's in~laws. They chopped wood on Friday morning and finished it tonight. So we're going to finish our movie now, then put the boys to bed when it's done. It's back to real life tomorrow!!! Love to all! Have a blessed Monday!!!

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