Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back To Life

Wow. It's been a whirlwind of a week. Not normal in any sense of that word, but I will be glad to resume a little bit of that. We ended up traveling to MS for my grandmother's funeral, and you know what all that entails with four kids. I packed everything but the kitchen sink. And let's just say that I like to be prepared for anything, so there is really no such thing as light packing. Maybe before kids, but certainly not now.

We got home tonight and went to my Dad's to have Thanksgiving dinner with him and my stepmom. So that was good. To top this week off, I started getting sick Tuesday night or Wednesday and felt really bad all week. By Thursday, I was really bad off and could not even eat all of my delicious lunch. By that night I had chills and was in a movie when they hit me. By the time we got home my face was on fire and my temperature had risen to 102. Oh joy. Oh, and if you're thinking of seeing Four Christmases, save yourself the money and wait for the dvd. Enough said about that.

I basically just sucked it up and went on with my life, though, because never in a million years would I have missed my sweet grandma's funeral. When we got back to the hotel last night we all got comfy and visited each other's rooms. There were like 30 of us there, so the kids were in heaven, running around and seeing all of our family! They were snacking and playing games, singing, you name it, they were the life of the party. And it was just that for them. They've never stayed in a hotel, and will probably never experience so many of us being together like that again. It really made for a good time.

My sister Debi and I sat and talked forever, which was cool. I never see her, and really don't talk on the phone with her a lot, either. She left us tonight with us promising we'd drive down to see them over the summer. She and Jonah had some really deep conversations in her room, once Jonah decided she really was his friend. Noah forgot her name and had to ask, "What's your name again?" Go figure. I really do talk about them all the time, it's not my fault he has short term memory loss.

Today brought us home being so thankful for our family and our friends. We've had a major outpouring of love from our church family, and Todd and I have both and just sat and cried over the expressions of love. God is so good, and I see Him at work in my family. Especially in my least I hope I'm not just imagining it, but I don't think I am. My oldest nephew grabbed me today at the grave site and just hugged me hard and said, "I sure do love you." The faucet of tears started all over again. I hugged him for such a long time then, and it was pretty cool singing Amazing Grace with him and his younger brother.
Well, I'm going to go for now....below are some pics I thought you may enjoy. They're from this to all.

The extra kids you see are Austin and Nicole. The one second from bottom is Debi with the little ones. Fun times....

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