Thursday, October 30, 2008

What We Got Tonight

Okay, so I was busily preparing dinner when our doorbell rang.   Graham went to answer it, and no one was there.  Drew said, "Oh, man!  I hate it when people do that!"  I asked, "What?"  Drew answered, "Ding dong ditch us!"  I about died laughing.  We proceeded on with dinner, and afterward, one of the boys was walking by the door and saw something.  They opened it, and this is what they found.

One sheet of paper said, "BOO!  From the CES 4TH GRADE PHANTOM!!!"

Another sheet of paper was with it and said this:

Good evening!  You've just been BOO'ed!

Since this is time for goblins and baths,
For Halloween spirits, for ghosts and for cats,
For weird happenings, and witches brew,
These are the things I wish for you...

May the only spirit you chance to meet
Be the spirit of love and friends, warm and sweet.
May the only goblin that comes your way,
Be this CES 4TH GRADE PHANTOM you must give away.

"'Tis much better to give than receive", goes the old verse
And something this easy won't empty your purse.
It's your turn to pass a treat and a "BOO"
Because now the CES 4TH GRADE PHANTOM....

Is little old YOU!!!
So by this time tomorrow, pick two friends who are sweet,
and give them each a Halloween treat.
You have only one day~so you'll need to hurry~
Leave a treat on the doorstep, ring the bell and scurry!


Isn't that adorable???  So of course we got into the "spirit" of things and immediately took action.  We scrounged up some Halloween candy and I printed out some more sheets with the BOO poem.  I wrote 2 more BOO sheets for the kids to hang on their front doors~this so they won't get BOO'ed twice.  Graham, Drew, Jonah, Noah and I jumped into the Burban and took off.  He chose to BOO Abigail Riley and Justin Motroni.  His little heart was racing.  And I do mean RACING.  He hid in the perfect spot at both houses and waited until the door shut to come running back to my car, parked three houses down.  His little legs were bookin' it.  Too cute.  I told Drew next year he is SO doing this next year!!!

An update on the scare factor at home: the spider, the lizards and the snakes have NOT struck again.  The boys seemed to have forgotten about it.  I'm almost disappointed.  You watch; tomorrow night they'll get me so bad I'll wet myself.  Maybe I shouldn't write know...jinxing, and all that.  

I talked to Graham's teacher today, not only will Drew be in the town Spelling Bee, but Graham will be his opponent!  Among other kids too, but Graham told his teacher he really didn't want to have a face off with his brother.  Wasn't that sweet??  They DO love each other, they DO!!!  I'll keep telling myself that, maybe I'll convince myself.  

I've had a busy week~I've worked a lot, mostly all day, but I'm loving it.  It's been crazy, and I've not really officially "cooked" all week~as in I haven't pulled anything out of the freezer, thawed and marinated it, but we've had decent meals, so it hasn't been too bad.  I've worked in the front office all week at CES.  It's definitely been interesting, especially today.  More about THAT another time...well then again, maybe not.  I'll just forget about it.  Let's just say I've been singing these words to myself all day: "Love them like Jesus".  It's a Casting Crowns song.  And NO IT IS NOT A STUDENT, believe it or not.  Alright, enough said on that.

I cannot wait for tomorrow night!!!  I haven't cooked yet, and I haven't even grocery shopped.  I'm planning on doing the shopping tomorrow morning when I drop the boys off, and I'll cook tomorrow afternoon before I get them from school.  I told LC I would NOT be working  tomorrow, needless to say.  I also have to buy stuff for the kindergarten Fall Fest tomorrow.  Jonah and Noah are going to be SOOOOOO excited!!!  It's really cute...there's going to be face painting, story time, a pumpkin toss, a campfire and singalong complete with s'mores and hot chocolate, and a few other things.  It's all put on by us kindergarten room moms.  Well, all THOSE OTHER kindergarten moms since I work now.  I'm going to be walking around, taking pictures.  =)  For 15 minutes, then I'll have to leave and go to work.  

Okay, well, I'm going to go have some ice cream now.  I have earned it from this week.  And especially after I stood in line for an hour and a half so I could do my duty as a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA citizen, and vote for the woman (GUESS WHO?!?!), I mean MAN I think should be our next fearless leader.  Love to all.  Bon soire.

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