Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Marriage...

I get this every morning...little nuggets of good ideas and thoughts on marriage.  With them crumbling all around me right now, I thought I'd share this one.  

Ten Ways to Show Respect

•  Do not complain about your finances or his ability
  as a provider

•  Do not continually "have a better idea"

•  Do talk to him in a pleasant tone

•  Do speak highly or compliment him in front of others

•  Do allow him to do tasks his own way and then
  thank him when he is finished

•  Do value his opinions

•  Do support his decisions

•  Do try to fulfill his requests

•  Do thank him for providing for your family

•  Do avoid the words, "I told you so"

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Todd said...

You are good at all of these.....most of the time.J/K

Todd said...

hardee har har. Ask me about you. J/K.

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