Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Thursday!

It has been an amazing week, people!  I love LOVE love my new job....some days the kids are absolutely crazy, and other days they're great, and the day flies.  I was able to be there yesterday when Jonah started crying...his class and another kindergarten class had to switch tables and lunch times.  He cried because they weren't close to each other anymore.  I was with another student when he started crying, and one of the TA's came over and said, "You let me do this, and you go love on your baby."  OKAY!  THAT is why it's so incredible to work there.  Not to mention, I'm getting to know all the kids!  Yay!!!

Did I mention that Jonah and Noah can now say the Pledge of Allegiance?  I almost cried.  Seriously.  This year is already flying, and I'm amazed at what all they are learning!  Both their teachers swear that by Christmas they'll be reading.  I don't know how well, but what they've already learned is just great.  I laughed when I saw them in the lunch room the first day of work.  They look so grown up, eating with all their friends.  Where did my little babies go?  Remember when I used to call them 'the babies'???  How sad is that???

As I write this, they're all outside playing football.  Well, the older boys and some friends are, but Jonah is pulling a wagon on the street.  I am not sure what Noah is doing...oh, nevermind.  Drew told me that Noah is riding in the wagon that Jonah is pulling.  I am sitting down for the first time since 10:00 this's 4:35 if that tells you anything.  They had me running stuff around CES, so once again I got my exercise today.  After work I went to Jonah's class to make copies for his teacher, then stayed and helped clean her room since tonight is parent/teacher conference night.  Her room drives me CRAZY!!!  Her room starts clean everyday....I've actually witnessed it....but by the end of the day, the kids have trashed it.  She chooses to focus her attention on her students and what she teaches, instead of the way her room looks.  Which is fine with long as she can handle it!!

I am trying to think of a craft to do with Noah's class next week.  Jonah's teacher loves to do crafts, and Noah's class really hasn't gotten to have one yet.  I am not a crafty person, I have to admit, but I think I'm going to let them glue pieces of cut up construction paper to a pumpkin cutout.  That way at least they'll be able to do something kind of fun, and it'll help her decorate her class for Open House night.  

Well, I'm going to stop writing now.  I think I'm going to just sit and enjoy having me feet off the floor.  And enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.  My wonderful hubby is picking up pizza for dinner, so I don't have to cook.  God bless his little heart!

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