Sunday, October 12, 2008

God's Day

I love Sundays! There is a song that I like that says, 'It's Almost Sunday'. It's the only day of the week that I feel good about taking a nap, too. It almost seems like a dishonor to God by not taking a nap on Sunday. I love church, though. Especially all our praise songs that we sing. Our worship leader does a great job of blending old with new, and today was awesome because I was one of the ones to lead praise. I love singing on the praise team!! And with my sweet friend, Christa! I don't think we've ever sang together before, so it was neat.

We had a really cool service tonight, our second Cordova On The Green. It was an outside worship service. They served hot dogs and chips, and the service started after we'd eaten. We sang some praise songs, a couple people gave testimonies, and we sang some more. We ended by going down and praying for our loved ones who don't know the Lord. People who were not in the huddle to be prayed for came and joined hands all around was really cool, a wonderful example of how the body of Christ should be. Lifting up needs to the most high God, and being surrounded by our awesome church family. Very neat.

My head hurts now from the drums I heard while on stage leading worship. All I could hear were the drums and every once in awhile, some keyboard. I was just praying that I was on the right note because I couldn't hear myself. I have a busy day tomorrow...the boys are on fall break, and Jonah and Noah have dentist appointments in the a.m. to get their pearly whites even pearlier white. This is after Todd goes back to the ortho to have a new cast put on. He discovered yesterday that all five layers of his present cast are coming apart, and it's actually ripping. After that, we're both taking the boys to the dentist, then to my sister Trisha's house. I'll have lunch (HOPEFULLY!) and then Todd and I will leave for his endoscopy. So...pray for that one, please. We then get to pick the boys up again, and go to his warehouse to pick up the trailer, and for the first time ever in my life, I will get to drive with a trailer hooked on to the back of my burban. You might want to pray for that as well. Oh, the joys of being married to my husband. He assures me I'll do fine. ??? Love to all....I'll keep you posted on how his appointment goes tomorrow.

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