Friday, September 19, 2008

Night Out

I had such an amazing day!!!  I started off by buying Jonah and Noah each a pair of Merrill shoes at her consignment sale this morning...I got an amazing deal, and I got those and a pair of pants from Talbots and a long sleeve polo style shirt from Landsend, all for the grand price of $40.  What a way to start a great day!  I love a good bargain!

I spent the rest of the day with Sunny.  I hung out at her house until lunchtime, then we went and pigged out at El Porton.  Yummy!!!  I could drink their salsa.  We spent the rest of the afternoon at her house, until I picked up the kids, then I went back so they could play with her kids.  I left her house, and came home and Todd and Bill took the boys horse back riding.  

Mom and I went to dinner at Bolla Pasta...which by the way, my stomach is on overload since I had my 2 favorite foods today...Mexican and Italian!!!  We walked around in Marshalls...which I found a coat that I wanted to buy but refrained...then went to Hobby Lobby.  Fun stuff.  I LOVE me some Hobby Lobby.  I used to go there so much that the boys called it "Lobby Lobby". We came home, I made coffee, and we watched us some Madea!!!  You gotta love some Madea!  My all time favorite movie was on...The Diary Of A Mad Black Woman.  We watched it until Todd and the boys got home.  

What am I doing now, you ask?  I am sitting here on Todd's computer, while he's sitting with his foot propped up with ice on it.  What did he do?  He rode a BUCKING HORSE bucked off.  Imagine that.  A little girl that Drew goes to school with, Taylor, had her birthday party at the ranch tonight.  She got out there and rode that bucking horse.  Todd went up to her and told her how proud he was of her because his boys were too scared to do it.  Well, they heard him say that, and they said, "Why don't YOU get out there and ride it??"  So, he pretty much had to.  Anyway, the horse lost his footing and ended up sitting on Todd's right ankle.  He came home and took off his boots to find a strangely distorted ankle bone.  He called David and Sunny...who are nurses, how convenient...and asked if he could come over for them to look at it.  The good news is it's not broken.  The bad news is that he probably got a bad sprain (which is MUCH more painful than a broken bone half the time), tore some ligaments and has to go see David at the hospital tomorrow to get a walking boot.  God bless his little heart.  And I am getting to take care of him for the SECOND time in less than a year.  Ha ha, I'm totally kidding about that last part.  Aaaahhh, the joys of having an accident prone husband......... 

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