Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hot Springs, Part 1

Ahhh, vacation. This is the view that greeted us when we finally got to Hot Springs on Thursday afternoon. I was a little nervous over the hill that leads right into the lake, but we had no accidents. Rene, do you remember when Zachary fell in? We used him as reference for the boys to WALK, NOT RUN down the hill!

I caught Drew in a rare moment and captured it on film. Well, on computer. You know what I mean.

Graham does have some sweet moments, himself. Actually, I think they were all just glad to be out of the car, and on land.

I just thought this was a cute shot. They were all laying down on the hill right outside our porch.

We ate at Doe's Thursday night. They were feeding the fish or ducks in this shot. They were on this little dock, and Drew asked me, "Mom, am I supposed to be moving???!!!"

This picture is now my wallpaper on my computer. It's kinda funky. The big globs of red you see are the underside of an umbrella.

The boat!!! The boys could not WAIT to get out on that water!!!

Jonah and Noah got to go first with Daddy. Graham actually had the first try, but the tube did a nose dive, and when he fell in, it scared the daylights out of him. So then Drew had to show him how to do it withOUT falling in. Drew's way worked.

This is after he showed Graham how to do it. Look at that sweet smile.

Big haired mommy. I had to have at least one shot of me on the boat.

Mere words cannot explain what was going through this child's mind. He is in heaven.

"Look at me!"

Graham and Drew decided they wanted to give the tube a go together. You know, moral support and all that. Actually, I think Graham liked it better being with Drew. He didn't last long when he was by himself.

And here they are on the water now.

And afterward.

The wind was hurting Noah's eyes.

This was a police boat at the gas station. Noah took this picture. Actually, he took about ten of this one boat. But hey, it made him happy, right??

Pirate's Cove miniature golf. Whoohoo!

Noah chased the ball the whole time.

Jonah's cheeks are sooo kissable. How can you get mad at a face like that? Come over, and I'll show you on a bad day. Ha!

EVERY time we've ever been by here, the boys always beg us to go, and it just never happens. We're too tired, or they're too tired, or we don't have enough time. But this time we went, and they loved it. They've been before, but Jonah and Noah were only 2 and don't remember it.

We had such a great time, and the boys loved it. I would say that their favorite thing was the boat. Graham and Drew BEGGED to ride the innertube alone, and we thought they were old enough, so we let them. Graham went first, though, and poor little guy did a nosedive in almost immediately. Todd didn't even have the throttle back good, he was just letting the rope out. It scared him to death, though, and he didn't want to go again right away. So Drew went, and then Graham tried again for a second time. The reason Graham went in was because he wasn't back enough. Once he scooted back, all was well. I even got on the tube myself. I will not post pictures of that, though. I will leave that up to your imagination. But it was a blast...I haven't done it since I was a teenager. My husband nearly gave me a heart attack though. I told him to go slow, and not to take me over any waves. If you think he did that, you are sadly mistaken. But I still had fun.

Enjoy the pics, and beware of Part 2....

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