Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting

I found out yesterday that Noah got the teacher I requested for him. I ran into her in the hall at their school on my way out yesterday, and found out then. When I got home from picking them up, I found out that I did not get who I requested for Jonah. Which I took to mean God just flat out had other plans for Jonah. So, all last night, I didn't get a call from his teacher. And here it is 1:20 on Saturday afternoon, and I still have no call.

I was on Facebook and Noah's teacher started chatting with me telling she was 99% sure that Jonah did get who I requested. So, I called a friend who called a friend who called that teacher for me, to find out who in the world this poor child is supposed to go see Monday morning. The teacher wasn't there, so the friend of a friend left a message. So...even though I think I know who he got, I'm still not completely sure. Poor Jonah. He's been on a roller coaster. I told him I thought he had one, and now he probably has another. So...who knows? I'm just confused, is all I know. And now you probably are too, just from reading this. We'll see how it goes.

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