Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Quick Catch Up

We had an amazing weekend, as usual. The boys were so glad for the time off from school, and even though they didn't complain, I know that mentally, they were exhausted. Mainly Jonah and Noah...Graham and Drew have gotten used to this routine by now. They didn't have any meltdowns at all this week, and I had several friends with kindergarteners who did crash and burn about halfway through the week. I have bedtime down to a fine science, now. That helps in a huge way!

We spent Friday night trying on jeans at Old Navy (for the awesome sale they had), then went to the town square for some bluegrass. Until I got bitten one too many times, that is, then we had to leave. The mosquitoes were out bad that night. Saturday we spent the day just kind of laying around, taking it easy. Easy to do since it rained. Last night we went to a friends house. They are Jonah's and Noah's Sunday school teachers and they threw an "I Can't Believe They're In Kindergarten" party. Too cute, and way too much fun. We all had a blast, and we were the last ones to leave, as usual. We stayed until almost 11:00. It's amazing they all woke up in such great moods this morning.

Today we spent the morning at church, which was incredible, by the way. We ate lunch at Lenny's then came home for a while. We went out to my mom's house for dinner (I have not seen them in 2 weeks, and the kids were having MAJOR withdrawals...and so were Nana and Big Daddy!), and she cut my hair. See pics below. All in all, it was a fab weekend. I'm sad to see that it's over, but excited that after this week, we have a long weekend to celebrate Labor Day!!!

And to most of you, this does not look that different, but you should have seen the hair she swept up off the floor afterwards. It's the same length it was, just a little trimmed, but she put some layers in was all one length, mostly, and triangular. See why I go to her for all my haircuts?! She's great at it. Thanks, Mom! Love you sooo much!


TN Bakers said...

the hair looks fabulous!!! you look way too cute and young to be a mom of four!

Jennie said...

Love your haircut! I totally understand how curly hair can get-mine grows out instead of down. I had mine cut today after letting it grow for 4 months!

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