Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Happy Little Kindergarteners

This was taken Monday afternoon after school. They are proudly displaying their brand new kindergarten communicator folders. Each year, the kids at our school get a colored folder to bring home, it's the way the teacher talks to you, and sends home papers. They get a different color for each grade. Needless to say, Jonah and Noah are thrilled to finally have their very own. They are so precious as they come home everyday; they tell me about who was good or bad, who they ate with, played with, and they proudly show me all their school work. Noah keeps on asking when he's going to have homework like Graham and Drew. I want to say, "too soon", but don't. Instead, I just think it and treasure these first few weeks of only one child that has homework, instead of all four. Drew has had homework every night so far, but Graham's teacher in fourth grade doesn't like giving homework. She just makes them finish their classwork if they don't finish in class. Which Graham always does, so that's never an issue. I am loving his teacher! Drew, on the other hand, has Graham's teacher from last year...and well, she loves homework. It's not bad though, it only takes him five or ten minutes to finish each night. As long as it's short and sweet, I don't mind it too much. Well, enough for now, I just wanted to post these pics I took on Monday. What else am I going to do??? =)

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Tracy said...

They are way too cute! I miss them so much! It would be so nice if Nathan and Jonah and Noah were all at the same school. wouldn't that be great? you guys should move here! love you lots, and try to enjoy the "you" time. I know it's hard, but you don't really have a choice anyway.

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