Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Wednesday!!!

I am sooooo glad it's Wednesday! For a few reasons...them being that the week is almost half over! I love hump day! I just told my kids why I used to call it that...because we were at the top of the "hump" (picture a hill), and that after that the rest of the week flies by! The second reason is because this coming weekend is a long one!!! We are all ready for one of those! It's been a crazy past couple weeks. And lastly, and most importantly, my man is coming home!!! He's been gone since Monday morning, and we've all missed him like crazy. I did not have company in my bed last night, other than the cat, and I miss him being next to me.

The boys are going to be so excited to see him today! He's coming home early enough to get them from school, possibly even to check them out early. They will be absolutely thrilled!!! And I'm excited, because I have a room mom meeting with Jonah's teacher after school, and now they won't be with me! It's REALLY hard for them to sit still in a meeting after their long day at school. Anyway, these past days that he's been gone have been lonely. I am so blessed that I do not have a traveling husband. I don't think I would be able to stand it if I did. And it's hard on the boys not seeing him...especially Drew. He just looked at me last night, and stuck his bottom lip out and said, "I miss Daddy." That, my friends, is enough to break your heart. It just about ripped mine right out.

So today, to occupy myself, I am having lunch with the famous Katie Katie. We love her. The boys were all jealous that I get to eat with her and they don't. Nah nah nah boo boo is what I felt like telling them. It's MY day with her. And, Katie, if you're reading this, have you by chance seen the movie, "At First Sight" with Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino (sp?)? I watched it last night and it dawned on me, that that's a great chick flick. If it hadn't have been so late, I would have called you. Maybe we can watch it one night...if Travis and Todd want to watch it with us, they could. I guess. =) I'm kidding, of course they could. I don't know if they'd want to, though. It was an incredible movie and very very sappy! You know, the good kind!

So, that's my day. It's been a good week, for all of us, but we're so glad that Todd is coming home!!! Now it'll be even better. Love to all!

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