Monday, August 18, 2008

From A Quiet House

I actually have the t.v. on just for noise. I held up great taking Jonah and Noah to kindergarten. They did, too, although Jonah did get just a little teary. But no tears were shed. After we dropped them off, we went to a kindergarten coffee for parents, then I left and went to work making copies for all the first grade teachers. It was fun! And I got to spy on them a little. Once when I went by, Mrs. Miles, Jonah's teacher, had them lined up outside the bathroom, showing them how the girls stand in one line, the boys in another. She was telling them they could go in three at a time.

I didn't get to see Noah, and was not about to go near his class. He was pretty unsure of it all as he sat surrounded by his new friends bright and early this morning. He was sitting next to a little boy named Sherrod (emphasis on the rod), and hopefully made friends with him. He didn't cry either, but he just kind of sat there like, "well, now what? Is this it??" And he did NOT look that excited about it. I know they will love it, once they get used to the routine of it all. And I'm sure I'll come to enjoy the sounds of a quiet house...well, maybe.

I am excited about doing several things around the house, like cleaning out the boys' closets...all of them. Jonah and Noah have tons of clothes that they can't wear anymore, and every time I go to clean the drawers out with them here, I can't. I've already made 2 lunch dates in the next 2 weeks, and I think I have plans with Sunshine this week. I'll have to double check that last one, but I'm sure this week will go quickly. Of course, I am working a couple days at the school this week, so that will help pass the time as well.

I am excited for Jonah and Noah, as they start this next phase of their little lives. I had the time on Thursday to sit and write letters to them, which is something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I started a while back, writing letters to them that I will give them as a gift when they get married. I've only written a handful, and some of them are to all 4 of them, so someday I'll make copies of them all. I also have kept up with their funny little sayings over all these years, and I'll start to organize some of this and put in a special spot. Anyway, back to being excited for them...they are so ready to start knowing how to read. They both are constantly writing things, then asking me what they spell. Which is usually nothing, until the few times Noah started accidentally spelling Mom. =) So they are ready for kindergarten.

I have lots and lots of ideas of what I can do in my newfound spare time, but the one thing I am most excited about is devoting more time to reading the Bible, and memorizing Scripture. That is truly one thing I cannot do when kids are around. I have to have quiet, and needless to say, when all the boys are here, quiet they are not. So I am looking forward to that, and the new Bible study I'll be doing with my girlfriends!!! I cannot wait until that starts!!! So far the book is fab, and I'm anxious to dig into it deeper!!! Well, speaking of, I think I'm going to go do that now, since I have several hours to kill. The laundry will still be here tomorrow, so I can do that then.

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kdickson said...

If you find that you're going to be out my way at some point during your newfound spare time, let me know. We could go out to lunch. :)

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