Monday, August 18, 2008

And Now They're Home!!!

I am happy to say that they had a wonderful day. No tears, no meltdowns, and nothing else major happened. They made new friends, although they forgot their names, they played with each other and with other kids at recess, which they went to twice, and they had a yummy, and friend filled lunch. At lunch, Jonah and Noah sit behind each other's tables, and Drew sits next to Jonah's table. So, all is well.

Once I told Noah that yes, he did have to go back tomorrow, he decided that he loves school and can't wait to go back. Oh, and Noah did have one boy who was "avragating" him at center time. I told him just to be nice, and ask politely for a turn tomorrow. The little boy wasn't sharing. Jonah loved his teacher, and all his new friends. And he said that no one got in trouble today. They were all good, according to him. I feel so much better now.

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