Friday, August 29, 2008

Ah, Blessed Weekend

O.k. well I am in much need of some extra sleep this weekend. I had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning. I got up, then just fell back to sleep once I got my coffee. The biggest mistake I made was sitting down in the recliner. Early morning devotion and Bible reading while sitting in the recliner translates into "extra sleep!" I can't do that again. I had two little early birds down here with me, too. Jonah had to wake me up.

I am thrilled that the weekend is here...our good friends the Riley's and the Stall's came over tonight, and after much catching up, we played cards. We haven't had a get together since early June. Three families and eleven kids means scheduling conflicts aplenty. I'm thrilled that school is in session so our lives can slow down and we can start our Friday night ritual again.

I had a fun day...I worked at the boys' school for a couple hours~ I got to see Jonah in his class today. They were in circle time, and his teacher bragged on the picture of his family he colored for her yesterday. It was in the honored spot of importance: on her chalkboard. But only temporarily...she took it home tonight to hang it on her fridge. Now THAT is a woman who loves her babies. There was one more little creative one...a little girl named Abby that wrote a song for Mrs. Miles. Mrs. Miles asked me to stay so Abby could sing me her song. It was so precious I almost cried.

I got to talk to Noah's teacher on my way out, and while I was there this morning, they had a tornado drill. There is no siren, they just go into the hall and crouch down low and cover their heads. Jonah did good, Noah not so good. He was sobbing hysterically...he thought they said VOLCANO drill. It took several people to console him for him to stop. After it was over, he stood up, wiped his tears and said, "Okay, I'm good now. I'm better." Poor little baby. His teacher was cracking up.

After I left their school, my dad, Trish and I went to lunch. Yummy El Porton!!! I love Mexican food!!! We came back to my house after to hang out until the boys came home. We had a great time together...we rarely get to do that, so it was nice. I am so looking forward to this much needed long weekend!!!

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