Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lazy Day

I'm having a lazy day; it's almost 4 and I'm still in the pajamas I slept in. I don't feel all that great, so at least I have that for an excuse. My husband gave me his cold...and I told him not to kiss me with his cooties! Kidding...I don't know if it's a cold of sinus, but either way, I feel like my head is in a tunnel. So, we're being lazy.

Sunny, David, Andy and Holly came over last night....we just sat and talked because it'd been so long since we were around each other. Andy and Holly ended up spending the night with us. After they went home, the boys and I watched Dr. Doolittle 3, then we all snuggled together with Todd since he's working tonight. Fun stuff.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one crying over my babies starting school...I mentioned it last night, and Sunny started crying. She got me started, too, and David and Todd just shook their heads, started laughing and left us boo-hooing at my dining room table. We managed to stop, dried our eyes, and decided we're going to start a week day morning support group for each other. Coffee together, at least once a week, probably at her house since her kids ride the bus and mine are dropped off.

I'm trying to find the brighter side, people, bear with me. And if I call you crying, promise not to laugh at me!

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