Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Better Now

Well, that last post showed how frayed my nerves were. I calmed down after all that praying and writing, and hugged the boys and told them how much I loved them. We have since had another talk about behavior, and after talking to my neighbor the 4 kid guru, all has been much more pleasant. It helped that we got out and did something different yesterday, as well. We went to the church to do the choir music, and I was sending them on errands left and right. There's nothing like feeling needed and responsible to make their day.

They also talked to a really cool guy at the church, Ben Fanning. They hung out in his office and did stuff with him...he even invited Graham and Drew to get onto facebook and chat with him. Not sure about that, BUT, he helped them as well. I used to love doing stuff like that...I would go to work with my dad and I would talk to one of the men that worked there. He would put up with me for hours on end.

Last night they spent the night with our friends...all 4 of them and never again, but more about THAT later...and today we're going to swim with Sunny, Holly and Andy. Tomorrow night, Todd is taking them all to Uncle Bob's farm for some work and fun. Work for Todd, fun for the boys. Well, actually, it's fun for them all....they get to ride 4 wheelers and tractors. I mean, it doesn't get any better. They don't know about this little trip yet, I may use it as bribery. =)

This weekend is the Beth Moore simulcast!!! I'm so excited...disappointed that not more people are coming, we've only sold around 150 tickets, but excited about what God is going to do. I cannot wait...I had a prayer meeting last night before church, and today I've been praying for all the women attending. I cannot wait!!!! I'm honored that my sister will be there with me...this kind of stuff always creates a bond.

Well, I'm going to get off this thing...I'm going to pick up my book and enjoy these last few moments of solitude before all the kids come storming in. Oh, one more thing...guess what we did on our night without the kids???? We went to church and shopped for school supplies. How pathetic are we?? The church thing can't be helped...choir practices on Wed. nights, and as for school supplies...well, I was buying for 8, so I desperately needed and wanted my man's help. Eight, you're asking?? Well, we let each of the boys get school supplies for one needy child. Our church is taking them downtown on Saturday to distribute. Every year, our church purchases around 300 backpacks, we take them home and fill them, then the church distributes them during sidewalk Sunday school. If this weekend had not already been planned, we would have been there helping, but plans had already been made. Anyway, the supplies are all sorted and waiting for their labels. I'm going to see if Todd will let me use their new label maker to label them all. Otherwise, I'd be labeling all day. You should have seen the mounds of stuff we had on our kitchen table...I should have taken a picture. Alright...goodbye for now.

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