Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Weekend

Happy Monday! We had a wonderful weekend, I hope you all did as well. Well, the one bad part of our weekend, was after we left the in-loves house on Saturday, Phyllis got sick again...possibly with pneumonia. =( Tim, Todd's brother, his wife Tracy, and their son Nathan were here visiting from Nashville, so we spent Saturday over there with them. The boys got to swim together, and play, and had a blast. She was fine while we were there, but that night, she got fever all of a sudden.

The other sad part of our weekend, was yesterday. Our music pastor is leaving us, after 8 years of ministry. Him and his wife and kids are pulling out of Memphis on Thursday morning, to begin their journey to California. Right into the smoke. If you can remember, pray for them this week, especially for their 15 year old daughter, Abby. She's in complete denial that they're moving, and is not handling it well, at all. Fifteen is a tough age, in and of itself, but take away all her familiar surroundings, and it's enough to send her over the edge.

Back to the sad part. We honored Kent and Kathy yesterday at church, and I cried just about the whole day. None of us in choir had makeup on by the time church was over. It was also one of those days when everything was just so anointed. We went to sing the first song, and I could literally feel the Holy Spirit there with us. He definitely met us there yesterday. I couldn't even sing, I just stood there and cried. The youth group just returned from a mission trip to England, and they've started this new thing that is really cool. They stand at the altar while we're singing worship, and in unity as a group, the youth pastor, his wife, and all, just stand there and sing, and pour their hearts out to God. It gets me every time. I always cry when I see that, and I love it.

Then last night, we had a concert of praise, and a farewell party for the Ferrin's. Again, I boo-hooed, even though I thought I was done. Kathy is very dear to me, we've become close through our Beth Moore Bible studies, and when we hugged, we just stood there for a few minutes and cried while Todd and Kent laughed.

I'm better today, though. We're going swimming with friends today, so we're excited about that. Tomorrow, Jonah and Noah have a friend coming over, then tomorrow night, Kent and Kathy's son Will is spending that night and all the next day with us. They're excited to have him over one last time... who knows when they'll see him again. So, we're off on another busy week. My house is an absolute wreck, dusty and in need of vacuuming, but I don't want to waste the time doing it. We're down to the last 4 weeks of summer, and I must admit, I am starting to freak out. I don't know where all the time has gone, but I am making it my job to make sure that these boys have nothing but fun for the rest of their time off. It's probably been one of the best summer's we've ever had, and that thrills me.

Well my sweeties are starting to wake up, so I will stop for now. I hope everyone has a blessed day and week. I'll write again soon.

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TN Bakers said...

you are such a good mommy, jen. In all your posts and just from watching you, I can tell how much you truly treasure your children and that is precious. I think you have your priorities in just the right order....the vacuuming and dusting will ALWAYS be there, but your kids are only kids for a few years so enjoy these moments. I am trying to do the same :)

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