Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Other Gods, by Kelly Minter

I am a huge fan of Bible study. I also love doing Beth Moore Bible studies. While looking at some options of her studies a while back, I came across her blog. I started reading it regularly and have been challenged in ways you would not even begin to imagine. If you would like to check her blog out, go here.

Anyway, she recommended that we all do a summer Bible study together, as an online group kind of thing. She recommended a study called, you guessed it: No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. You can go to Lifeway Christian bookstore's website to check it out.

I was not planning on doing this study, since I am in the middle of one right now, but Lifeway Christian bookstores offered a printout version of this study for those who weren't able to get it yet. I don't have it YET (notice I said yet Todd!), so I printed it out. I started reading it and was hooked. I could not put it down. So, now I'm doing two Bible studies this summer. This study is part of a "living room collection", so it's meant to be done with friends at someone's house, complete with food and discussion. I would love to do this with someone...any takers? Phyllis?

It is well worth the effort, I promise you, whether or not you're doing it with people or by yourself. It is challenging, and it stretches you beyond what you think you can handle. It brings lots of stuff into perspective, too, which is always fun. Let me know if you want to grow in God with me. Happy Wednesday!


Phyllis said...

That does sound interesting. I haven't checked it out but will when I get a chance. Are you talking your house or mine?

a cowgirl at heart said...

Are you still planning to be part of our blog group? Just curious. I'm glad you are so excited about too!!!

all4boys said...

actually, I have decided to do this online with a bunch of wonderful God fearing women. We would love to have you join can check out the blog at

I can already tell you we are very open and honest with each other, and I love the thought of having friends across our nation! Come over and check us out!!

a cowgirl at heart said...


If you're responding to me in your comment above, that is ME, Charla, part of your Siestas study! Ha! I didn't know if you were referring to me or the person who commented just above me.


Dawn Jenkins said...

This is Dawn, Charlas sister-in-law...greetings from Levelland, Texas. Love seeing pictures of your boys...I have a Drew as well. Looking forward to getting to know all of you!!!

all4boys said...

Hey, Charla, I was talking to you in that response! :) The person above is my mother in love!

Shelly said...

Jennifer, I love your blog, very nice. I am just learning about blogging, all new to me. Four boys, wow, how blessed you are! Looking forward to getting to know my online friends. shelly

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