Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Great Day

I hope you all got to celebrate Father's Day in some special way today. We had an amazing day. It started by all the boys giving Todd his cards and gifts while he was still in bed this morning, after of course, them marching in one by one saying, "Happy Father's Day!" It was great. He got some great cards signed by some great kids, a new John Deere hat (can I throw the old one away? Please???), and some great new work gloves. It was a wonderful day for him.

Last night we celebrated with my dad at his house. We had a cookout (Grandma Sandy almost burned the house down, but all the food was salvaged, praise God!), and the boys (all the grandkids) fished and pigged out. Daddy got some awesome new earphones to drown out the tractor noise, a book by Charles Swindoll called Elijah, and some movie passes. And I cried like a baby before and during the prayer. Grandma Sandy started it out by thanking God that we were all together more time. It was very special.

Today after church we had lunch with the in~loves. We ate at Abners (thank you, Mimi and Papa for the coupons! We love free kids' food!), which the boys LOVED. It's probably their favorite place. We had a great time eating and talking. Papa got some cards and a way cool GPS system. I'm pretty sure he loves it...they've already used it several times!

Tonight, in lieu of church, we celebrated with my awesome step dad, Bill. I almost felt bad...he cooked on Father's day. Notice I said almost. He cooked an amazing meal, once again. Him and Nana put the pool up yesterday, so the boys got to swim, which they were thrilled about. We had dinner, and he got a little desk calendar with mood lifting jokes and funnies, a book, some cedar planks to grill salmon on, a Home Depot gift card, and 2 brand new Weeping Maple trees for the front yard. Wow, he racked up. It makes up for him having to cook!

We've had a wonderful weekend...this week will be the same, I am confident. Love to all, and Happy Father's Day to whoever is reading this.


Todd said...

I had a wonderful day and ABSOLUTELY NO you cannot throw my hat away. I cannot believe you even considered such an awful thing.

all4boys said...

How do you spell me sticking out my tongue at you and making that childish sound??? Well, that's what I'm doing.


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