Wednesday, June 11, 2008


What Is A Dad?

A dad is the man who teaches his children to play ball, or who teaches his daughter how to catch.

A dad is the first one they run to when they're scared of something.

A dad is the kind of man who can cry with his wife during a touching movie.

A dad is also macho enough to protect his wife from fearing the worst about his future health.

A dad is the kind of man who will let his wife cry on his shoulder when she's eight months pregnant, can't find anything to wear, and can't get off the floor.

A dad is his kid's hero, and his wife's best friend.

A dad is someone who can do THE BEST cannonball ever.

A dad is the provider for his family.

A dad is the first one to push his wife out the door when he realizes she's "had it".

A dad is the kind of man who will sit and watch Hannah Montana with his wife, even after the kids have gone to bed.

A dad is the kind of man who would do anything to protect his family.

A dad is the kind of man who will do whatever he can to make a better future for his family.

A dad is the kind of man who only goes to see kid movies at the theatre.

A dad knows how to kiss a boo boo and make sure nothing is broken or protruding that shouldn't be.

A dad is the kind of man who stays up until the wee hours of the morning, just to win the bid on that lot of books his wife is dying to have from ebay.

A dad knows how to cook. And clean. And do the little things that matter to his wife...all without ever being asked.

A dad is someone who has more fun than his kids when they go to kids' camp every summer.

A dad is someone who is up on all the latest music, AND can jam to the Go Fish Guys his kids love so much.

A dad will watch White Christmas with his corny wife, even though he has absolutely no desire to do so. And he won't complain.

A dad is someone who not only takes care of his wife and his kids, but his parents, as well. (Not that they're old, just that they need help from time to time!)

A dad is not ashamed to wear the tie his kid made him during Donuts with Dad. And have the picture as proof that yes, he did wear a tie once!

A dad is good natured when his wife comes up with all sorts of nicknames for him...including one that Travis made up that he's not fond of. And passes them on to their friends.

A dad is man enough to be the treasurer of the PTA. (Imagine the man grunt that Tim Allen does on Home Improvement.)

A dad is the kind of man who take his wife to see her favorite band in concert...even though that $100 could have been spent on so many other things.

A dad is the kind of man who will let his wife decorate for Christmas even before Thanksgiving...even though that is his pet peeve.

A dad is someone his wife is proud of.

A dad is the man who walks in the door after a long day's work, and causes butterflies in his wife's stomach. Even after all these years (and kids!) later.

A dad is the coolest guy around, according to the way the kids' friends talk about him.

Todd, Thank you for being all of these things. I cannot wait to grow old with you. I love you with all of my heart. Happy Father's Day.

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Phyllis said...

You are awesome! Thank you for paying such a tribute to my son. I am so thankful God blessed him with you and that he is the wonderful dad that he is!!!

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