Friday, January 18, 2008

Touching Story

I have a friend named Colleen whom I've met since school started this year. Her husband was deployed to Baghdad back in early September and just came home this week, praise God! But he'd told her that when he came home, he didn't want any fanfare or for her to bring anyone other than their four kids. Well, the same night he came home, a couple people from that new show, Dancing Wars, came through our airport.

Needless to say, the airport was totally packed with people hoping for their five minutes of fame. Well, Colleen's husband Frank, and his best friend, John got off the plane in their dessert camo's, and when people got a look at these two HUGE men, the noise just died. Everything was totally silent except for the sound of their children crying with relief that they were home. All of a sudden, applause and shouts broke out from everyone, and they were swamped with people trying to get to them and thank them for serving our country. My friend didn't cry until the two women standing at the Northwest gate broke out in sobs. Then she lost it.

They finally got to baggage claim, and Colleen said that everyone was coming up and hugging her, and picking up her kids and hugging them, and crying and kissing Frank on the cheek. So much for no fanfare, huh? Frank said that he misses being over there. Everyone is so appreciative of the work they do, and he said it was so touching. He came back here, and his words were, "I came back and signed in at Memphis, and it was like, welcome back to the same old crap." Sad. Then he said that all the troops over there were so proud to be was more like right after 9/11, and there was no right or wrong party, they were just proud to be able to serve their country. What an honor.

God bless AMERICA!

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Julie Coleman said...

I LOVE this story. As much as the media loves to represent Americans as angry about the war, in reality the majority of us are just plain thankful for the men and women who are keeping us safe here at home. Their sacrifice, as was demonstrated by the children greeting Daddy at the airport, is great.

I think I'll go find a serviceman to hug!

Your new efriend,

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