Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Report card time!

Well, we got report cards today, and I had to express how proud I am of my boys. They try very hard in school, and all their efforts pay off!

Graham~all A's with G in penmanship for the avg. semester
Drew~all A's with an E in penmanship for the avg. semester

It's funny, their grades are always identical! Usually, one will get an E and the other a G, but they always swap. So this time, Go Drew! I knew his handwriting was better than chicken scratch! He had to redo part of his homework last night, his writing was so bad! I knew he had it in him!


Tracy said...

I am such a proud aunt! You rock Graham and Drew! I love you guys!

Aunt Tracy

all4boys said...

aw, thanks, I will tell them!

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