Thursday, January 10, 2008

Plugged In

Well, it's official. We are all officially "plugged in" to today's world. Not really, but that's what I feel like. All the boys now have either a Nintendo DS, a Nintendo gameboy XP, iPods', you name it and it's electronic~they've got it. They're getting to be quite expensive. And their eating habits, oh my stars, I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it.
They are so much fun, though. I never would have thought that having kids get what they want would make me feel so warm and tingly inside! I love watching them receive gifts, and I love buying them things! I don't do it often, but when they do get something, they are so thankful! I love it! My heart just feels warm and fuzzy thinking about it.
Todd found an inexpensive iPod on the internet (generic, obviously) that he bought for himself. It came in the wrong color, though, and when Drew found out, he asked if he could have it. It wasn't working out very good with them sharing the one Nana gave them for Christmas. I know, I know, Tricia told me so. I didn't listen. He's loving it, and listening to it as I write this.
I did have to tell him about the volume thing~I felt like my mom. I had to tell him that he could damage his eardrums listening to the music at that high of a volume. I mean, my mom said that almost word verbatim! Ooh, it gives me chills. I hate it when I do that. Anyway, all is better now, and he's listening to it a normal decibel.
Well, that's all for now, Tonka Fire Station is calling us all downstairs to movie and chex mix night!


tim said...

You gotta love technology. I love my ipod! I love my internet! I love my blackberry! I love a good book! Wait. How does that fit in? I guess balance is key. Please give kisses and tell my little technologically equipped nephews that Uncle Tim loves them very, very much.

all4boys said...

I will. I almost threw all the stinkin' technology out the window tonight, though. Do you want to know what Drew said?!?!?! I got soooo mad I just about lost my cool. We were on our way home, and he said, "I want an Iphone so bad." I almost slammed the breaks on. I think I made some strange and hideous sound and told him he'd be lucky to see a regular cell phone during his teenage years, much less an Iphone! They have no understanding of cost and why we say they can't have something because they're too young. The only reason they have Ipods is because my mom point blank asked me if they would like one. So I said yes. But I'm about to put MAJOR limits on all the tech stuff. I can't handle it. I'm not like that...I'm more old fashioned (except for what I'm doing now) and prefer movies or games or legos. I guess I'm outnumbered, though. Todd is sicker than a dog, by the way. The doc. told him he had walking pneumonia, but didn't seem 100% sure of that diagnosis. He then went on to say it could be viral, bacterial, or sinus related. He covered all the bases, I guess. Love ya, and I'll pass kisses around...I almost said kids... speaking of, do you want some extras?!?! Jokin...but Jonah is giving me some grays today.

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