Monday, January 21, 2008

Incredible What?!?!

Okay, well, we went to Incredible Pizza, that new indoor game place. Oh my stars, I must need my head examined. That place is absolutely insane! The only reason I didn't think it was that bad at first, was because we got there at 11, which is when the place opened. The line at noon was out the door, and around the building. Absolutely crazy!
The boys did have fun, and surprisingly, I left with no headache! Jonah played one of those games where the claw tries to grab a stuffed animal, and he actually won one! There is no way I ever would have gone without help. Trish came with me, this was her treat to the boys, and she kept up with Graham and Drew, and I kept up with the little ones. We only lost Graham a few times. The little twerp that he is loves to sneak off! Not really, he just gets really side tracked.
We had an awesome weekend, just a long and tiring one. The kids were all in bed by eight tonight. I'm praying for a little wintry precipitation tonight and in the morning! I really want to go sledding down the neighbor's driveway at least once this winter!

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