Thursday, January 24, 2008

I cannot believe how fast this week has flown by. We've had quite the action around here, I must say. I am glad to see that it's finally (please, Jesus, let it be over!!!) closing to an end! Short weeks are always like that, aren't they? Let the kids out for a day, and the whole place goes nuts!
I have had not one, but count them, TWO extremely sick cats this week. Now to you who don't have pets, you're thinking, yeah, so what? SO WHAT, I ask you?!?!?! I won't go into gory detail, but it's about as bad as having a child throwing up with a stomach virus. TIMES TWO!!! Ugghh. Our washer and dryer have gotten quite the workout this week. I didn't know sheets could be that clean.
Drew has been a little under the weather with a nagging cough, and Jonah and Noah have had the crud, er I mean the croup. Same thing, right? Between laundry detergent, clorox, anti-microbial killer Febreeze, and now Lysol, you could just about eat off any surface in our house. Even the bathrooms. I had to clean, so why stop?
And now our tv remote is broken. There's a guy coming to check it out for us tomorrow, but I mean, seriously, a broken remote? COME ON! Todd says that when him and his brother were younger, THEY were the remotes! What kind of a parent makes their child change the channels for them?! Well, nevermind, that's kind of a good idea, so I think I'll do the same. Ha, ha, you guys aren't horrible, I mean, I married the guy, right?! I used to tell everybody that my mom only had me so I could fix her glasses of iced tea. Sorry, Mom, but the truth hurts. Ha, ha again.
I guess I'd better go, or everyone in my family is going to be mad at me! Love to all who take the time to read. =)

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