Sunday, January 27, 2008

Here you go, Todd and Phyllis

Okay, well, after you both told me to start titling these things, this is for you. We had an amazing weekend, once again. Friday night found us with canceled plans, so David and Sunny came over and hung out. Drew came downstairs right before they left asking if Holly could spend the night. Bless his heart, he just doesn't understand about girls and sleep overs. My friend Kelly actually grew up spending the night with her best friend, Scott. I personally don't think it's that big a deal, and we're considering letting her come over. We'll just have to explain that they're young, and as long as they're young it's okay, but after a certain age, it's boys sleeping over only. I don't know...we're talking about it. I love you, Phyllis, but I am not asking your opinion!!! :) Ha ha!

Saturday night the boys and I went out to my mom's and Todd went to the men's game night at church. They had fun, but it was only four men. It's sad that there is so little involvement. Of course today was spent at church, and ended tonight with a homecoming concert of praise. It was really good music! I told one of my favorite ladies, Joy, that Todd and I are old people stuck in younger people bodies. I love old fashioned music! We sang hymns, there were 2 quartets, and some instrumental stuff. It was a lot of fun being a part of that. I was blessed and hope that through the music, someone else was blessed.

Hallelujah that this is Mrs. Kirk's (Drew's teacher) last week! That woman is a hugely impregnated mass of hormones just waiting to scream at an unsuspecting 7 or 8 year old! I was ready for her to leave a few months ago when Drew got in trouble for spilling chocolate chips on the floor. She wrote in huge red letters, "DROPPED FOOD ON PURPOSE!", to which I responded, "He ACCIDENTALLY spilled them, he would NEVER drop them on purpose!" She got the message, I think. Teach her to mess with my baby! This week is more of the same...eating lunch with Graham and Drew, laundry, the usual fun stuff that consists of my week. I will go for now, hopefully I'll write some more this week. Love to all...

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