Wednesday, January 9, 2008

God moments

Do you ever have a serious moment with God? I have them in the weirdest places! The shower, the kitchen, in bed at night, but most often in my car. It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that God speaks to me through music. That's what He did today. I was in my car, enjoying a child~free moment, and He got me. I went to Lifeway to use a gift card I'd gotten for Christmas, and I bought several things, one of which is an AWESOME cd by a group called Austin's Bridge. The first I'd heard of this group was late one night on the Gospel Music Channel, they did a live concert, but I'd kind of forgotten them. Today I bought their cd, and there's this song on it called, He's In Control. It talks about how God is in control of every situation, whether good or bad. I've been in both lately. I've been convicted several times of not fully trusting in God...I sometimes keep praying for the same things over and over again. And one day, I felt the Holy Spirit asking, "Why do you keep asking Me? Do you not trust Me enough that I didn't get it the first time?" This song was a reminder, and amidst the strange looks of passengers around me in their respective cars, I couldn't help but shout GLORY! We serve a Mighty God, and He cradles us in His arms just like a new father cradling his new born baby...He treats us like that sometimes, I think, to remind us that He is Abba Father!

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