Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Funny Story Of The Day

Jonah and Noah have been begging me if Andy Stalls could come over today, and I promised them that he could, so he's here even as I write this. They've been busy playing upstairs, and I hadn't seen them in a while when I heard crying. It was Noah, as usual. He's cried lots of times today, I think he must be tired, so it will definitely be an early to bed night for all.

Anyway, I heard him say that Jonah had done something to him (imagine that!), so I called them both downstairs for a chit chat (or come to Jesus meeting, as I like to say). Jonah has this rubber snake that he likes that they were playing with and Noah said that Jonah slapped him with it. I asked Jonah about it, and he said, "I did NOT slap him with it, I only hit him.", to which I told him that technically, he slapped him. All is better now, he asked forgiveness, and Noah gave it along with a twin brother bear hug (which is much different than your traditional bear hug), and now they're back upstairs playing. Ah, blessed chaos. What would my life be without it?!?!

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