Monday, January 7, 2008

Book Savvy

I just finished yet another Karen Kingsbury book, Between Sundays. Wow! This woman totally amazes me. I've now read almost all of her books, with the exception of one Christmas one, and I'm more amazed at her each time. I mean, she's a great gal, I'm sure, but I'm amazed at the way God works through her writing. She's an open door for Him to come through, and every single time I read one of her books, I can feel the Holy Spirit moving in me. She inspires me to write, and every time I finish a book, I start writing again. I seem to forget that it's something I love to do, and something I think I'm pretty decent at. Proverbs 31 Ministries told me that, and I even forgot about that. It's like I'm so consumed with things that go on from day to day, that I'm in a daze. I tend to take my eyes off the prize, which is our Heavenly Father, and try to do things my way. I can't do that! I need someone to poke me in the side every once in a while and remind me of this. Maybe I can enlist the help of some friends...

Today was the boys' first day back at school, and I missed them. I did get some work done for a neighbor of mine, so that is out of the way. I told Jonah and Noah that I would see if Andy could come over tomorrow. If the weather is anything like it was today, I'll take them to the park to play. It was gorgeous outside...sunny and 70 degrees! In January, no less! Crazy! That's why I've been having and the rest of the fam. It was so nice that we went on a walk when Graham and Drew got home from school. Well, I walked, the rest of the boys (plus Kari from next door) rode. She made sure they didn't get too close to the stop signs. I know, paranoid mom, but those people fly around those stop signs, and Jonah and Noah aren't too sure of their stability on their new bikes. I was going to take Andy the dog, but I figured I'd save that grueling task for good 'old Toddly. We all need the exercise desperately, and that'll give us a goal for the week.

It hit me that school is half over. I cannot, absolutely cannot believe that. I've been saying that I have another year with Jonah and Noah at home, but I don't . I have a few months, then summer, then it's over! I can't even think about it. I was going to make sure they knew all their alphabet, and their numbers, but turns out I didn't have to worry. Their older brothers have taught them lots, and they're pretty much as ready as they're ever going to be. Their handwriting could be better, but they're four. I mean, what are teachers for? I had one tell me to make sure they knew all their alphabet, lower and upper case, and their sounds. Whatever. They'll do great whether they know all that or not. I just need to make sure that they know where their heel is! (Remember Graham asking to use the teacher's phone so he could call his dad and ask him?!?!)

Well, I will go for now. I have the wide awakes, and my hubby is at a friends' house watching the championship game. Go LSU! Right now the score is LSU 31, OSU 17. If you're impressed, don't be. I didn't know what else to watch, so I turned the game on. Then at least I can pretend I knew what all had happened. Ha ha ha! :)

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