Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Favorites, number two of 2021

Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Erica from A Little Bit of Everything and Andrea from Momfessionals for this weekly blog post.

I thought I'd kick off with one of my favorite posts to look back on—

LOOK HOW CUTE. It's shocking to me that these guys are turning eighteen in just a few weeks (8, to be exact) and graduating from high school.

Winter is my favorite. Well, maybe it's my second favorite, but I really do love this season. I love everything about it—cool air, dreary days, early nights, fires, cozying up with blankets and a cup of something hot. 

I finished my new favorite series of books, The Winter Street series by Elin Hilderbrand and now I'm stuck in a rut until I find something else to love. (I've read six books this month alone.) Reading is my favorite!

Christa is one of my favorite people and best friends, so Tuesday was fun for us because we had lunch together! We took this picture only because we were twins from our heart shaped jewelry to purple sweaters, dark jeans and jewel toned scarves. 

Another favorite from the week was when I got to have lunch with my friend Teresa. I haven't gotten to catch up with her in forever it seems. 

Since I'm on a theme with friends, yet another favorite moment was Wednesday night when I got to catch up with my friends from church who make up the writing team. We missed our Barbee, but we were together again on Thursday for a meeting and then we all had lunch together. I NEVER do things like that three days in a row! 

One of my favorite posts this week was my second post of the day on Wednesday, where I wrote about coffee and the area I keep all our coffee/hot chocolate things in our kitchen.

I spruced up this little area on Wednesday morning. My new coffee and Jesus sign is my favorite.

I posted this on Instagram yesterday and said that life is too short to keep reading only mediocre books, so I quit the book I'd been reading and traded it for this one above. I can already tell it's going to be one of my favorite books, one that I'll probably go back to time and again. She has other books that I plan to check out after I finish this one.

Thursday night was my favorite night of dinner this week, because we were all home together. Then one of my bonus sons' came over and I fed him and sat and caught up with him while he ate dinner. I love that their friends feel so comfortable here at our home and that when they leave, they all say, "Bye, love you". I was born to be a wife and mom to many and I always feel the happiest when my house is full of their friends. 

How was your week? 

Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

life lately, not found on social media


Happy Thursday, friends! I'd thought I'd lighten it up a big here on the blog and share about a few things we've been up to lately, things you wouldn't have seen on social media. It's basically a long list of random things.

You all know how much I love Christmas. So much so that I am usually in such a rush to get it put up that I put things in weird places and can't find them again until this same time the next year. 🤣 That being said, I've been struggling in this area that you see in the above photo. I had one thing there in place of the Daily Bread picture, but I repurposed it to another area and love it in the new spot. I bought the picture from Hobby Lobby and the white cutting board with the G on it was my birthday gift from Mom and Bill. The silver dish was one my friend Faye gave to me, along with a stack of other dishes just like this one that I love, and on Tuesday Mom gave me these two little topiary trees. It's definitely getting better and I'm close to being finished with it for now. (I do have some plans still in this space, but I'll save that for a different day.)

We got snow on Monday! It was more than this, but by the time I made it outside for a picture, most of it had melted. I don't care how old I am, I will always act like Lorelai Gilmore when the first snow of the year comes. It's so peaceful, so magical and wintry. 

Crash is our older dog and with it being the fireplace season, all of a sudden he has decided to be terrified of the fire. He shakes uncontrollably and does not stick around once the fire is blazing. It's the saddest thing ever, but this was Todd Monday night trying to love on him to make him less nervous. When something happens to Crash, I don't even know what Todd will do. He loves that dog so much.

I love the cold months, I mentioned that, but I love enjoying the season. That means once I come home, I change into my fleece pajama pants and my favorite hooded sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers. I've also been drinking hot chocolate most nights after dinner. 

I don't have pictures for the rest of the post, but I have all the thoughts rolling around in my brain. As I write this on Tuesday night, Todd and Graham are talking about money. Graham is looking at houses to rent with a couple of friends soon, which is a new development after his friend's truck was stolen last week. Drew's still talking about moving out in the late spring, and with Jonah and Noah starting to work more over the summer, it's about to be a lot quieter in our house. I really want a part time job once all this starts happening, Lord willing. I have a few ideas going in my mind, but I really only want to work two or three days a week (at the most). I know it'll be something the Lord provides for me, when His timing is perfect. It's exciting to think of! 

It's so weird to think of our sons as "adults" in the eyes of the law. (I mean the youngest two.)

On another note, I've started reading and digging into studying for the third Bible study I'm helping write with a writing team of ladies at my church. I can't wait to tell you more about this! The book is very timely, once again. My friend texted all of us separately asking if we'd had any thoughts on which book to write on next, and this one book was one all of us mentioned. How cool is that? We had been praying about this for several weeks. 

As far as dinners in our home go, I feel that lately I've been doing better than usual. We have lots to choose from in our pantry and refrigerators and I've been cooking a lot more. Every week I make a giant pot of chicken and rice soup and three of us eat on that all week long. It's so good and it tastes hearty and feels nutritious, and we're still not tired of it yet.

Well, that's about all I can come up with for today. I hope you've had a great week so far, friends. Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Let's Look January link-up


Hello again! Sometimes I forget about link-up blog posts and I post twice in one day. In case you're interested, I thought I'd join in with Shay from the Mix and Match Mama blog and her best friend Erica from A Little Bit of Everything for this monthly link-up. 

(If it were about anything else, I would have considered missing out this one time, but it's about coffee and you all know how much I love a good cup of coffee.) 

I don't have a "bar" for this, but I do have an area that is for coffee and hot chocolate that I just cleaned this morning. I won't say I changed the area for this post, but know that this blog post definitely inspired me to spruce up the area and to clean out the "coffee cabinet". I don't have a picture of the inside of that cabinet, but it's where we store the coffee grinder, the sugar and cream, extra to-go cups (mine) and bags of coffee.

I have loved coffee ever since I was a little girl. My mom would give me little sips of her coffee all the time and she did the same to all my boys when they were young. (And they all love coffee today.) My husband was never a coffee drinker until he started working on the tech team at our old church, and now he's an avid coffee lover. We consider ourselves coffee snobs and we only drink the good stuff. We buy the whole beans and grind them ourselves and we've been haning out in coffee shops since before it was something trendy. Our old favorite was Gloria Jeans in Germantown, about fifteen minutes down the road from where we live right now.

I don't drink coffee because I need it, I drink it because I love it so much. There is NOTHING quite like that first cup every morning and I always look forward to waking up to drink some. 

I have always loved waking up early to drink the first cup of the day, since my boys were little bitty. It would always put me in the worst mood if that didn't happen or if they came down and said all the words before I'd consumed my first cup of the day. Back then, it was a matter of me needing coffee to function. 

We got a new coffee pot for Christmas last year, a combo deal because we all drink it around here. This is a Keurig that has both a pot and a single brew spot. My in-love's loved it so much that they wanted one as well, so we each bought one, wrapped it and exchanged them as gifts that year! We still love it today—Todd and Graham get all of what's in the pot each morning and I prefer the k-cup side. (I buy Kirkland brand k-cups at Costco in the full strength and it's my favorite.)

I bought this cute sign today at Hobby Lobby for half off and I think it's perfect in this spot. I'd been wanting something right there and have been thinking of redoing this area for weeks now. Like I said earlier, I am easily inspired by blogs. 

When it's cold outside, this area also includes hot chocolate. Sometimes I have marshmallows and whipped cream for this, but right now all I have are Swiss Miss packets. We are fancy like that, but we love that stuff. I love to have a cup after dinner at night. Noah had some this afternoon when I got back home and we all have our mugs that we love the most. (His is a Snoopy Christmas mug.)

I keep extra k-cups in the cabinet below this picture above and the coffee cabinet sits above the coffee pot. I keep all things coffee/hot chocolate/chocolate milk related inside that cabinet, because it's also near the mugs and glasses we use. Honestly, something I think it'd be nice to have that cabinet for other kitchen things, but I can never recommend having a coffee cabinet enough. When my family moved us into this house as a surprise (I'll share a link to that post another day), I'm pretty sure one of my sisters came up with that idea and it's brilliant. It's so convenient having a whole cabinet reserved for that.

Back to my coffee drinking—sometimes I switch it up and drink chai tea instead of coffee, which I love almost as much as coffee. I always seem to forget about it, though, so today I pulled out the box that I bought from Trader Joe's and it's back there behind the packets of hot chocolate. Drew shares my love of tea and helps me drink it. 

I very rarely go to Starbucks for coffee, because I don't care for their coffee that much. I make the best cup of coffee, in my humble opinion, and I have mastered drinks like frappes and/or hot seasonal drinks. I'll share about those another time, but if I do happen to go there, I go for a venti chai tea latte. (Yup, venti.)

How do you take yours? 

I am an E3. I use 2 and a half teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of nondairy powdered creamer. 

Well, that was a fun meaningless post to write. Thanks for reading! Love to all. 

P.s. If you're reading and commenting from and on Facebook, let me see your coffee area! I know a lot of you have cute spots for this.

Wednesday in the Word


Happy Wednesday, friends! I would love to hear about your quiet time each morning, so when you're finished reading, will you let me know what you do each day to spend time with Jesus? I think that accountability is such a great thing and it really does motivate and inspire others to be diligent in walking closely with Jesus.

I'll share what I do each day, but you already know it all because I share all the time. 

First, I love getting up really early everyday. Currently I am waking up in the five o'clock hour each day, though it varies from day to day. On Tuesday I woke up at five forty. I always come downstairs and let my dogs outside while my coffee makes, then when they're in and my coffee is ready, I settle in my chair while I turn on either worship music or a cooking show on Hulu and I read all the blogs I love, then I quickly get on social media for about ten minutes. By the time my coffee is finished, I make a second cup and settle in for time with Jesus.

I know many of you who do this right off each day and if you're good with that routine, that is awesome! For me personally, I need to wake up with one full cup of coffee before I can comprehend anything serious that requires my devoted concentration. 

This was me about to read in my Everyday with Jesus Bible around seven a.m. yesterday morning. Notice coffee number two of the morning is hot and steaming right beside me. I switch this up each day, but I either start with reading in this Bible (my plan for all of 2021) or I start with Scripture writing.

I've been participating in doing Scripture writing for years now, and many of you have joined in with me. If you'd like a printable version, there are lots to choose from Shannon Long's blog: I do this in my journal everyday, but you can use anything, that's not the point of this. The poing is writing out the Word of God so that it is hidden in your heart. Writing things out is how most people learn and it's what is proven to make someone remember something important.

Every single day (unless I'm sick and then have to catch up) I read the Bible and I write out Scripture. I've learned that it's important to have a plan in reading the Bible everyday, because you're more likely to keep up with it from day to day. I try to be faithful to the Lord in everything I do, whether in word or in deed, because He has been faithful to me.

Needless to say, I have tons of journals from all my years of using them for my quiet times and to just pour my heart out onto paper by writing out prayers and petitions that I take to the Lord. And that leads me to the next thing I want to talk about.

Prayer. I always begin and end with prayer. Before I come downstairs and usually when I open my eyes, I talk to Jesus. I tell Him good morning, that I love Him and I thank Him for a new day. He is also the last One I speak to every night, when I tell Him once again that I love Him and then I thank Him for the day I've just had and for His hand upon our lives. That may seem trite to some of you, but I had a dear friend teach me about the importance of doing this and I've never forgotten her words.

And these are the ways that I pray each day. I have this written on the insides of my Bible. I always do that, so that it's always near to me and because I share this so often with people I'm meeting with or that I'm discipling. 

And when I've done all of that, I commit my day to the Lord and I ask Him to use me wherever I am and in whatever I am doing, whether having lunch with a friend or in the line at Kroger. He does use me each day whether I'm out in public or here at home, because it brings Him glory to do that and it's in His will that He ordains my steps. (Proverbs 16:9 is where I got that from and if it in the Word of God, then it IS the will of God. My pastor taught me that years ago.)

Here are some things I'd love to remind you, lest you think I've always been like this: first, remember to have GRACE for yourself. All of our seasons of life look different, so when my kids were young, this looked different every single day. Some of those days I was doing good to get in five good minutes with Jesus each day. He knows your heart and He will honor that, so be gentle with yourself. Secondly, there is no right or wrong way to spend time with Jesus! Just give Him some time and I promise you, you will be changed from the inside out. Lastly, and this is an exhortation, we ALL have time to spend with Jesus every single day. If you have time to be on social media, you have time to spend with Him. Same goes if you have time to shop or clean your house or watch tv or a movie—if you can do those things, you can give Him some time. Pray and ask for the Lord to give you the "want to" to do this each day. Ask Him to let you long for Him, as a deer pants for water (Psalm 42:1). I don't judge you when I exhort you, I am just a fellow sister in Christ who wants all God's best for your life. Romans 12:2 says that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds and that takes place when we read the Word of God. It is literally life changing.

Here is where you come in now and for me and anyone else reading this, how do you "do" your own quiet time each day? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


I thought I'd share about my friend who passed away recently. I share this picture of the word 'connect' because between Christmas and New Years, I took a quiz on the Dayspring website to figure out a word I could claim for myself for the year and this was my word. I cannot think of this word without thinking of my friend Eileen. Let me start at the beginning.

My friend Amy heard that I wanted to strike up a friendship with a lady who was in the older in the faith than me, and when she and her friend Barbee put their heads together, they set up a time for me to meet Eileen. Barbee called me early one morning in the spring of 2019 and asked me why I wasn't at Starbucks yet. (I'd gotten the dates mixed up.) With very little makeup and easy clothes thrown quickly on, I made the short drive there and sat and talked with both of these godly women for almost two hours. The day was warming up and I needed to get back home, so we all parted ways. Eileen and I put a date on the calendar to meet again in two weeks, and thus, a friendship and mentoring relationship was born.

My favorite thing to do was to go to her apartment and to talk as we sat and became very familiar with one another. I always went on a Monday, and I was usually there by nine in the morning. Eileen wasn't from here, but from a small town nearby in Mississippi. She moved here a bit after her husband had passed away and was very active in our own church and in teaching a Bible study every week at another church. The connection we made was instant and I told my friend Missy that she even wore the same brand of clothing that I love to wear! I took that as a sign that we were a match made in Heaven. 

Eileen was a nurse and she was very interested in knowing about Drew's plans of someday having that same profession, Lord willing. (I smiled as I wrote that phrase, 'Lord willing', because that was something we would always say and we loved that we had that in common.) She was also a mom and though she was always quick to point out her faults and how the Lord had been faithful to teach her through mistakes she made, she always gave me such sound wisdom regarding me letting my sons grow up. I could talk to her about anything and everything, and she always listened intently.

She loved to travel and in the years that she was a widow, she enjoyed several trips with friends that she'd come to know well here in our area. I loved this about her—she was a very young mid-seventy something year old woman, she was independent and she was fearless. She loved adventure and doing new things, hence her traveling and I loved to hear about her trips and lived vicariously through her. I hope to be like that someday and I told my friend Missy that I wanted us to do that same thing someday. I don't want to just grow old, I want to have fun at the same time. I do believe that staying active helps one achieve this, as does keeping your brain and mind occupied and staying strong mentally. 

I love that when she traveled, she thought of me and would always bring me back litle trinkets to let me know I was never far from her mind. I have letters she wrote to me and I treasure the times we had together, both in person and in one of the many phone conversations we had. (We could literally talk for HOURS.) She shared my love of books and would always share her favorites with me. One day when I got to her house, I found her kitchen table almost identical to how I'd left mine—covered with all kinds of Bibles, books, a laptop and something to write in. I'm telling you, we were like the same person with thirty years difference between us. 

(Why yes, I did sneak this picture one time while at her home.)

I say all this to say that in the fall of 2019, Eileen suffered a stroke and had to be moved to Alabama to be closer to her son and to recover in a rehab facility. At one point, a few of us thought about going to see her, but then when Covid became a thing, that was no longer an option. I hadn't heard anything about her for a while. I found out that before Christmas, she suffered another stroke and a few days later, she met Jesus face to face. 

Barbee called to tell me that she had passed away, and something she said to me reminds me of the verse 1 Corinthians 13:12—

Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely. 

What we long for, Eileen now sees face to face. Isn't that a glorious thought? I will miss her for the rest of my days, but I will never forget the impact she had on my life. She was a very real, open, honest, genuine lady who loved Jesus more than anything or anyone else. She longed for everyone to know Him in that same way and she devoted the last years of her life teaching His Word to anyone who would listen. 

I share this with you to encourage you to be on the lookout for someone like this in your life. Or maybe you're the older one—pray and ask the Lord to bring you someone to be a spiritual mother to, much like Eileen was to many. This is something we are always supposed to be doing, we will never be too old to pour into other people. The beauty of our differences is what makes each relationship like this so special and you can tailor your own mentoring friendships to fit you and the mentor/mentee. We are to pour into others the things of God, my friend. I encourage you to pray about a relationship like this, if you aren't currently in one right now. 

I will say that this may ebb and flow in your life, sometimes you'll be strong in this and other times you'll be lacking. Be diligent about seeking out opportunities like this, though, because you never know who the Lord will bring into your life. I'm not talking about someone on social media, either, though there is a time and place for that. I'm talking face to face, intentional times of meeting and getting to know each other. Discipleship isn't one sided and it's not just serious. Often times it's about doing life alongside people around you and inviting them into your own life, whether in your actual home or by going out and having dinner. Eileen liked to say that we learned from each other, because we always spent a good portion of our time together praying. What she taught me about being a wife and mom to kids who were growing up, I was able to share and teach her about prayer. That is a beautiful thing to behold, and I will always be so thankful to the Lord, Barbee and Amy for pairing us together. I didn't take a moment of our time for granted. 

I'll end this post with a picture and a short story.

On this particular day that this picture was taken, in the spring of 2019, Eileen (far right) pulled up to her apartment where I waiting on her and told me get into her car. She whisked me away, claiming to have a surprise for me. She drove us to the square here in The Ville and got out and went around to the trunk of her car. She had me help her carry in two potted plants and two gift bags. (I was clueless.) When we walked up to the storefront on the square, I saw Barbee and Missy (the two on the left) sitting outside of Square Beans, our local coffee shop. She and Barbee treated us to coffee flavored milkshakes that day and lavished us with love and gifts and their sweet words of wisdom. They bought us each a gerbera daisy plant (my favorite) and little spring signs for our homes. They each signed their names on the bottom of the little signs, and it'll be something I always treasure. I was so choked up later that night as I sat on the phone with Missy and we talked about how fortunate we were to each have someone like these beautiful godly ladies who loved us so much. 

This day will go down in history as one of my favorites of all time and I will always treasure my memories of Eileen in my heart. Thank you for walking down memory lane with me as I thought about her and processed her homegoing. Love to all. 


Monday, January 11, 2021



Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Tanya from The Other Side of the Road for this Monday link-up. In spite of all that is going on in the world, I had a great weekend. I started it off with my dad on Friday—instead of me making something, we decided Chick Fil A sounded good and that's what we went with. He loves the spicy chicken sandwich and he even splurged and got some fries to go with his lunch. (He never eats fries, but I'm glad he decided to enjoy some in his nintieth year of life.)

It was blustery and cold, so I had this fire going when he got here. (Don't be too impressed, it was a log that burned for four hours.) It was a great day with him and I took him home around four. I didn't feel great after that, so I came home and just reclined in my chair for a bit, then I ate some chicken and rice soup for dinner while I watched Hallmark movies. (I've watched several this weekend!) 

On Saturday I went out with my mom and sister. We had lunch and went to two thrift stores, where I scored some books for very little money, including a commentary I can use while I'm writing my portion of our next women's Bible study! (We've been given our assignments, but I'm still in the reading and studying phase.)

I was very happy to be able to wear this scarf and a coat and gloves on Saturday. I love these cold months. 

When I came home, Todd had a roaring fire going in the fireplace and we sat and enjoyed it together the rest of the day. We ordered pizza for dinner and I started (and made it halfway through) the final book in the series I've been reading. I'll blog about the books I read this month later in January.

Todd had a callout on Sunday morning while the rest of us were at church, and I was there bright and early for praise team rehearsal at eight thirty before the service began at ten forty-five.

I took this picture to send to my friend Christa. She gave me the gray bag you see by my feet as part of my birthday gift a few weeks ago, and it's become my favorite bag. It's the perfect size for me to carry all my church stuff in—when I'm there early, I take my quiet time materials and do that while I wait on the service to begin. (I don't attend a Bible fellowship class anymore.) It held two Bibles, my journal, my glasses, some pens and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

I also had my purse, the cute brown backback style purse my sister Debi gave me back in October. It's  become my very favorite purse and one of the nicest I've ever owned. (Debi, if you're reading this, THANK YOU! I also think of you all the time because I love the fuzzy slippers and that setting powder you gave to each of us. You spoil us, Sissy!)

After church I came home and had a bowl of soup, then watched another Hallmark movie. I took a very short nap and when Todd came home, I made him a pot of coffee and then had dinner. (He wasn't hungry yet.) I took the above photo when I was outside with my dogs yesterday. I love the season of winter—all the seasons, really, but I love how the trees are bare, the weather is clear and cold, the days are dark and dreary, the ease with which I can breathe (I have seasonal asthma) and the heaviness I feel in the clouds when snow seems imminent. I thought the trees looked so beautiful when I looked up and saw them in the gray sky. 

Last night I worked on blog stuff, I read more of my current book and I browsed Instagram and the stories I so love. How was your weekend? Have you gotten back to "normal" life again since the holidays have passed by? I'd love to hear from you! 

Thank you for reading my blog and for the ones who are always so kind to comment, thank you! Nothing encourages me quite like seeing comments pop up on my blog. Love to all! 


Friday, January 8, 2021

Friday Favorites, the first of 2021


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for this blog post.

What a week. I've already seen some funny memes that have helped me feel more lighthearted than I should. Memes like this one—

... and my personal favorite:

Moving on, now.

It's already been a week, hasn't it? Here are some of my top favorite moments from the last seven days.

Reading is my favorite hobby. This book I'm holding above is my fourth book of 2021. I'm looking forward to blogging about books this year, something I haven't really done much of in this space. The Winter Street series by Elin Hilderbrand has been one of my favorite series of books.

My quiet times have been some of my favorite moments of the week. All of the Scripture I've read this week has seemed to be exactly what I needed at the exact moment that I read each passage. I love it when that happens and my Pastor says that's what the verse means about the Word of God being living and active—that as we read the Word of God, the Word of God is reading us. How amazing is that?

I got my nails done yesterday. My mom asked if I wanted to go with her while she got hers done and I couldn't say no if I'd wanted to. I was ready to have a color on them again, after three weeks of having white. This color is my favorite! It was raining, but we didn't let that stop us from having our morning of fun. After that we had sushi for lunch, then we each ran one other errand.

I have made some GREAT meals this week, if I do say so myself. This was the chicken and homemade stock I made yesterday morning for more chicken and rice soup. We will eat this all weekend long and into next week, because it's a favorite of mine, Todd's and Drew's. Todd and I had it for dinner last night while we enjoyed a little quiet date night at home.

More reading in the afternoons with coffee this time. This was me on Wednesday finishing the book I had started on Monday.

I can't wait to start Bible study again in a couple of weeks! This is the second study I helped write for ladies in our church and anyone else who purchased copies from their locations. We have two times to choose from for in-person meetings: Wednesday mornings at 9:30 and Wednesday nights at 6:30, with an option for Zoom each week. If you're interested, let me know and I can give you more information. If you're local to me, I'd love to have you join us! We're about to start the writing process all over again for the third study we'll be writing as a team. I can't wait to share more information about it in the coming months! It won't be released until August of 2021.

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores and that is where this sign came from that I bought on Saturday. It's a long story, but I needed to replace what had been there previously.

Other favorite moments from this week include all the fires my hubby has made for us each night. We bought some firewood this week and we've thoroughly enjoyed our old fashioned fireplace. I'm looking forward to starting a fire for Dad while he's here today. It's cold outside! 

I've loved spending time with Mom this week and I got to see her TWICE, which was a treat. 

We all enjoyed having a visitor stay with us this week, a friend of Drew's from high school whose parents moved to Hot Springs. He arrived on Tuesday and stayed until Thursday afternoon. I loved hearing him and Drew laugh as they caught up and watched funny shows. Also, Zack is Crash's favorite new person. 

I came across a new playlist on Spotify Thursday afternoon that is going to be a favorite of mine for a long while—Passion 2021 worship. 

One thing that has NOT been a favorite was seeing all the events of Wednesday unfold in our nation's capitol. Violence is never the answer to problems and I have been burdened to pray for the state of our country more than ever, including the people whose opinions differ from mine. They need Jesus just as much as any other person and it's not His desire for any ONE of His creation to perish without knowing Him. (2 Peter 3:9)

Jesus is our only hope, friends. Do you know Him? 

Thanks for reading my blog. Love to all. 


Friday Favorites, number two of 2021

Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Erica from A Little Bit of Everything and Andrea from Momfessionals  for this weekly blog po...