Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

I love Friday.  And I love posting my Friday favorites each week.  :)  I hope you enjoy them, too!  Here are some favorites from the past week.  Some are products, some are moments.


This moment was definitely a favorite.  It's not often that they all willingly dress up, so imagine my surprise when Jonah came to me last Thursday night and told me that he really wanted a suit to wear for his best friend's mom's funeral.  After all, if Alex got one, Jonah should get one too, right?  So...with this being an expensive time of year, I promised him that I would see what we could do.  After lunch and with my dad, we went to Once Upon A Child here in The Ville.  After figuring out their definite sizes, we pieced together all of Jonah's outfit and the shirt and bow tie portion of Noah's.  Jonah's outfit included dark gray dress pants, a black blazer, the blue and white checked button down shirt and bright blue bow tie.  Noah wanted to wear nice jeans and the blazer that used to belong to Graham, so I got him the blue button down shirt and white bow tie.  All of that cost me $32.  Then I went next door and bought Graham and Drew these shirts pictured from Plato's closet.  Because one of my girls from my Bible Fellowship Class was working, she gave me her discount, so I paid $13 for their shirts.  Not bad, huh?  I feel like such a good steward when I thrift shop.  (Not that I do this often.)


Another favorite from this week was Sunday~my birthday!  There is nothing quite like a birthday to make you feel like a rock star.  All my loved ones made me feel loved and cherished.  I've enjoyed using one of my birthday presents this week, this pretty new journal.

I love it.  And you know how much I love to write.  I've tried changing the focus in what I write about.  I am sure I'll still write things I'd like to remember, but I thought instead of making it about me, I'd make it about God.  And the things that He shows me in His word, or quietly in my spirit.


A favorite product from this week is my current nail polish.  It's called Dear Santa, and it's by OPI.  It's bright red and sparkly.  But it's smooth, too, so the sparkle isn't bumpy.  I cannot stand polish that's bumpy.


Another favorite moment is from Tuesday~we had our third annual company Christmas dinner.  I missed the first one, though I can't remember why.  It's a fun night spent with my husband's sweet parents (they are small business owners) and their employee and his wife and my family.  The dinner was amazing and fun was had.  I do love to be social.

Drew snapped this picture of us before we were seated.

Yes, my expression was intentionally crazy.  He took this picture for a snapchat he sent someone and I posed with him.  I love his crazy eye looking at me.


A favorite with Noah was this moment that we had peppermint hot chocolate on Wednesday.  I am pretty sure that his love language includes hot chocolate.  :)


Yesterday was definitely in my top favorite moments from this week.  I love these boys so much. I love how Drew is always crazy with the way he poses.


Last night we did my favorite Christmas time tradition.  I already wrote about it last night, but in case you missed, we drove around, in our jammies, looking at Christmas lights.  Before we got started, we stopped at Starbucks for Christmasy drinks.

The top picture is Alex, Jonah and Noah in the back of my Suburban.  And the bottom is the best picture I got all night.  It was a great and fun time.

Thanks for reading all about my favorites from this week!  I'll write again next week, when Christmas will be over for the next year.  :(  I am sad!  I love this season so much that on the actual day of Christmas, I am always a little sad.  Have a great weekend!  Love to all.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Fun Day & Another TraditionIt

This has been a really fun day.  If you know me, you know I don't love to shop, but today was the exception.  I was very intentional.  I had my list and I had very specific things to buy.

(Because I don't like to shop, I never just go without a goal in mind.  I always have my day planned out in advance, with my list of stores to go to and a list of the things I need to buy.  I start with the furthest away and I slowly work my way back to home.  And yes, I do believe I have OCD tendencies.)

First on our stop was Costco for a few things and lunch, then Pet Smart.

Next on our list was the Carriage Crossing out here in The Ville.  (I never ever ever go shopping anywhere else because it makes me crazy.)  If you don't live locally to me, Carriage Crossing is an amazing outdoor mall.  We had to stop and have a little fun on our shopping spree.

Drew is such a kidder.  The kid loves to pose for my camera, even though you probably think I ask him to do all that.  I don't, I assure you.  And I would show you my other kids more, but they shy away from my camera.  :/

It was fun, walking around the outdoor mall for a bit, and except for one gift, I finished my shopping.

We came home and had pizza for dinner and then loaded into my car, in our pajamas, to drive around to look at Christmas lights.  Our first stop was at Starbucks, for Christmasy drinks.

Then we stopped and saw some friends, then continued on our way.

Here are a few of our favorites.

This picture above won the town's Clark Griswold award.  I can see why, now, looking at this picture.  It didn't seem that bad when we were there in person.

Do you do this?  I would love to hear about some of your favorite traditions!  I've been hearing crickets chirping over here on the blog.

Love to all.

things about my boys that I love

I have been stewing on this for a few days in my journal, when the idea to make it a blog post finally dawned on me.  I love being a mom.  When I was a little girl, it was the only thing I ever wanted to be.  I would play with my dolls nonstop, in my room, and wherever I went, they went with me.  I even had a set of twin dolls, which is really funny now that I have twins.  My mom said that I used to say that I only wanted boys, and at one time I specified that I wanted four boys.

Be careful with what you wish for.  ;)

Joking aside, I do love being a boy mom.  I love that there is no drama.  They aren't that particular with how they dress.  In fact, up until the past two years, all they wanted to wear were athletic clothes.  When Graham hit fourteen, all that changed.  The same has rung true with Drew.  They don't really need tons of shoes~just a pair of tennis shoes, a nice pair of shoes and a pair of summer shoes (like Chacos).  Jonah doesn't even need all that~the only pair he ever wants or wears is tennis shoes.

I love that they are fiercely protective of me.  I kid about being the only female in my household, but trust me, there are perks.  I never touch a trash can.  I hardly ever have to open doors, because they always go ahead of me and hold it open for me.  Not all boys are like this, I know, but my husband has done an amazing job of teaching them the same things his dad taught him.

It has been said to me that things would change once they hit their teen years.  I haven't seen that change happen, though.  Even my least affectionate son, Graham, will just stand and hug me with all his strength for a good five minutes.  He'll kiss my cheek and say, "I love you, Mommy."  And he's almost sixteen years old.  He's been that way forever and  even in a crowd of his friends, he will hug me and kiss my cheek and tell me that he loves me.

They are very open with me and they love to talk to both Todd and to me.  Last night I was going to bed and Drew got all excited and asked if he could come lay on my bed and talk.  And before I knew it, Jonah and Noah were there too.  I love this about them, and though the subjects may eventually change that we talk about, they know my door is (literally) always open.

There are some things about them that are just gross and they laugh when I get a disgusted look on my face, and Todd usually laughs right along with them.  That's usually when I call it quits for the day and excuse myself to my room, where I can read in bed.  I love being their mom.  I always have and I always will.  I was not made to be a girl mom.  Yes, I love teenage girls, but I also love when I can send them home.

I thank God every single day for giving me these kids.  It's crazy and loud and chaotic in my household, but it's also loads of fun.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Love to all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hump Day

I cannot read the words 'hump day' without smiling.  I still love that commercial with the camel.  I also love the State Farm commercial~the one with the man who gets caught on the phone with his insurance agent?

"It's Jake.  From State Farm."
"Oh really?  What are you wearing, Jake, from State Farm?" asks the wife.
"She sounds hideous!"
"Well, she's a guy."

I know it's ridiculous that I can recite the commercial and that it still makes me laugh.  But I can.  And it does.  :)

We had a repairman here all day long, almost.  I like to call him Mr. Miyagi.  Because he is from Japan, he looked like Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid and I couldn't understand what he said his actual name was.  The good news is that I have a (practically) brand new washing machine.  It's actually not new, but it's our old one, rebuilt.  It's nice to do laundry without the squeaking of the belt.

I picked a Bible study that I started back in the summer back up and will finish it during our Christmas break.  And if I have time, I have another new one that I would like to do as well, but I don't think I'll have the time.  It's a different type that I've been doing since August, but I know it will still be good.

While Mr. Miyagi was here, I cleaned out a drawer in the kitchen and an entire cabinet that stresses me out.  And I found all my Christmas cd's!  They've been missing.  Three of the boys went to the park, so while Noah and I stayed inside where it's warm, we enjoyed some hot chocolate together.

We sipped our hot drinks while Harry Connick Jr. sang to us.  And now all the boys are at church, I was able to finish wrapping all their gifts and Toddley and I are home along, watching Elf.

My favorite.

Hopefully your day was wonderful.  Love to all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

weekend plus some

Our weekend always starts with lunch with my dad on Friday.  I love that.  This week, he got in my car and asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday lunch.  So of course, I opted for Japanese food.  Because it's my favorite.  We went to O'Saka.

My dad has taken me out for Japanese for my birthday for too many years to count.

Drew was not with us~my mom took him shopping to pick out his Christmas gift.  He was perfectly fine with missing this lunch because this kind of food makes his stomach hurt.  :(  Poor Drew.

After lunch the boys wanted to go to Johnson park.  For the third time that week.  Thankfully, my dad never minds going and sitting in the car with me while they play.  Some of them play soccer and Noah does this.

He climbs.  You should see him scale this pole.  It's amazing.

It was warm, which is why he's barefoot and in shorts and t-shirts.  But then again, he's always in shorts and t-shirts.

Friday night, Todd took the boys shopping for yours truly.  :)  He is so good about that, even though I gave him grief about forgetting a card.  I love that he has always taught the boys the art of gift giving.  Because what lady doesn't love a gift? I never buy myself anything.  Well, except for a book or a bottle of OPI every once in a while.  So I love when my boys pick out gifts for me.

While they shopped, I stayed home and watched more Christmas movies.  Imagine that.

Saturday was a long day.  We attended the funeral of their friend's mom and went to a Christmas program at our church that night.  I got a couple pictures of my boys looking handsome.

Sp grown up and so handsome.  Graham was leaning forward and laughing, but I love that look on his face.

Sunday was my thirty-eighth birthday.  :)  I got sang to and loved on and properly spoiled.

I celebrated by napping after lunch.

That night we had our Christmas program.  It was awesome!

It was a great birthday.

I love our town~for so many reasons, but especially when it's all decked out for Christmas.

Yesterday a sweet friend of mine came over with her son, and for four hours (almost) we sat and caught up.  It was heaven.  I always love when friends come over.  Then I took my kids to my in-love's and Toddley and I finished our Christmas shopping.  Well.  Almost.  I have a few more gifts to get for family members.

And today I wrapped them all.

Until I ran out of gift wrap.  All the goodies are in concealed boxes, though, so they can be wrapped while my kids are here.  That was the point of them spending the night away last night, so that I could wrap.

When I ran out of gift wrap, I ate lunch, then gave myself a pedicure and manicure.

My favorite Christmas color by OPI is Dear Santa.  It's red and sparkly and what's not to love?!  It's all about the little things in life.

It's been an awesome day.  Tonight we're having a company Christmas dinner and I am excited about that, too.  So, that's what we have been up to.  Love to all!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's been such a strange week!  And not (all) because of things mentioned earlier this week in the blog.  This is our church's Christmas production week, and every single day, one or all of my kids and husband (four of them, one of him) have been at church.  They have been helping out with all of the technical stuff.

I've had alone time with Noah, and I have had time alone with myself.  I loved it at first, but by last night, I was done.  A girl can only do so many Christmas movies before they become redundant.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from this week.


The youth Christmas party was so fun.  I love being with teenagers and my fellow leaders!  Us adults have as much fun as the teenagers!  We might even have more fun.  ;)  Watching this sweet little boy Jordan opening his gifts from our girls was awesome.  And watching Katelyn's face (sitting on the floor next to him, looking away) as he opened each gift was priceless~she cried the entire time.  I love that girl.


We put Christmas lights out at nine o'clock at night.  And it wouldn't be a proper Christmas if Todd and I didn't fight at least once over this process.  This year did not disappoint.  ;)  Each year usually requires one or both of us apologizing.  That makes me laugh.  Keepin' it real!  Alex was here to help us do this, and as we were decorating, we were listening to Pentatonix sing Christmas carols.


The selfie is because I am in the uniform I've worn every night this week~this shirt is the softest shirt I have ever owned.  It's from our girls retreat a few weeks ago.  And because my hair has gotten so long and because of the curls, this is how I wear my hair when I go to bed.  Stuck up in a messy bun to keep it from knotting up while I toss and turn.  Makeup off, comfy clothes on, check.

I watched one of the many Christmas movies on my list that night.  By the light of the tree.


My husband.  If I haven't told you how awesome he is lately, know that he is.  He spoils me!  He is the Christmas shopper in our home and it makes me love him even more.  God love him.  He has done mostly things online, but during his work day, he's gone around to stores and bought additional things for the boys there.  Last night he informed me that tonight, he and the boys were going out to shop.  Which means...another night at home, alone.  I'm trying to change that, though.  I've had enough alone time this week!  I know that sounds so good to some of you, and honestly, I do love being alone from time to time.  But, my house is too quiet.  I prefer to hear the noise and laughter that comes with my life.

Because of the lack of things we have done this week, I cannot think of anymore.  Well, that and I need to go do laundry and get dressed.  My dad will be here shortly and I have some things to do before twelve comes.  Happy Friday and love to all!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

hump day

Wednesday.  The middlest of the week.  A day that usually means a lot of chemistry school work for Graham and tying up loose ends as our week draws to a close.  Because of our homeschool group on Thursday, after being there all day, it kind of speeds our week up from this day on.

We've kind of been in limbo this week, because of the events that have taken place, so when Noah got up this morning asking if we could watch Christmas movies together, how could I say no?  Graham, Drew and Jonah were dropped off at the church to work on technical stuff again.  They've pretty much lived there all week.

This last child of mine loves Christmas movies as much as his mama.  ;)  I was happy to oblige his request, so we watched two that he picked out, one right after the other.

I write E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. down in my planner, for homeschool purposes.  I go back at the end of the year and look back over at what all was done when.  It's handy for that purpose and for my love of journaling.  And it helps me to remember what we did.  There have been times when I've had to go back and find when we did something that I couldn't remember.


(I took this picture last night.  The boys went to our church at ten o'clock at night and stayed until right after midnight.  They've put in crazy hours there this week!  This picture, though....I love it.)

This happened last night and today.  Noah has had one or both of these two in his lap.  He's like the animal whisperer in our house.

He thinks he's tiny.  He kept me company tonight, while everyone was at church again.  Well, not Noah, he was at Alex's house and is spending the night there tonight.

I won't tell you how many movies (or shows) I have watched today, but know that it's been a lot.  Right now, though, I am watching my most favorite.  This one is definitely the icing on the cake.

White Christmas.  I adore Bing Crosby.

That's been our day.  What is your most favorite Christmas movie?  I would love to hear.

Love to all.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

from the world wide web

I have seen some things that I love on the internet lately.  I thought I would share.


I have a friend that I was going to text this to and then I forgot.  So, Andrea, if you are reading this, here's to knowing that we have everything.  :)


I'm going in order from the pictures on my phone.  I found this one under December 2.  But yes, we do.  I think this image was one that Hillsong United posted.


I cannot stress how important this one is to a marriage.  The wives should pray for their husbands and the husbands should be praying for the wives.  I have an actual book that I sit down and use when I pray, and in the book are pictures of my husband and kids.  


This is my best friend's daughter.  My friend's mom posted this picture on social media the other day and I saved it to my phone.  The wonderment on her precious little face is a sight to behold.  I cannot WAIT to see this little angel and her mama in a couple weeks!


In light of all that happened on Sunday, I found this image on that day.  Talk about timely.  


No words needed.


I love Christmas songs, but I especially love the words of the songs.  May all of us prepare our hearts for Him in this busy season of life~whether you consider that Christmas or a stage of life you are in.  I pray that you take the time to make Him Lord of your life and that you put Him first.  We put so many things above Him, and we shouldn't.  I say "we", because it's something all of us do.  May He have His rightful place in all of our lives.  

Love to all.